The Thoughts of Your Heart

The Thoughts of Your Heart


The thoughts of your heart control you. Your mind has a great control on every part of your life. So you need to be aware of your thoughts and get control over them.


[Gen.20:1-11]              Afraid

  • The lord was protecting Abraham, yet his thoughts made him afraid.
  • We have all the promises of God, yet our thoughts will make us afraid
  • If you are afraid, it didn’t come from God [2 Tim. 1:7]
[Gen.48:5-11]              Hopeless

  • Jacob thought he would never see Joseph again, he was hopeless
  • [Prov.13:12] “Heart sick” depression or reacting to a loss.
  • “Our hope is in nothing less, than Jesus blood and righteousness…”
  • The last thing a Christian should be is hopeless!
[2 kings 5:1-11]           Disappointment

  • Naaman had his own thoughts on how this would go down.
  • How many times do we, with our expectations (thoughts) become disappointed?
[Deu.] 15:7-9               Evil

  • We all have a wicked heart [Jer.17:9] “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”
  • From the beginning [Gen.6:5,8:21]
  • [Mk 7:21-23] [Matt.15:19] Evil thoughts are the First thing on the list!

The way to combat the thoughts of your heart:

[Ps.139:23], ask the Lord to show you

[Heb. 4:12], believe His word

[Prov.16:3], commit your works to the lord

[Phil. 4:8], think on these things