Partial in the Law Mal. 2:1-10

Partial in the Law Mal. 2:1-10 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This passage is addressed to the Levitical priests who were partial in the law [2 Chr 15:3; Ezek 44:7]. They allowed unclean things in the sanctuary and they quit teaching the law to the rest of Israel. Even non-Levites entered the priesthood [1 Ki 12:31; 2 Ki 17:32; Jer 23:10-11; Jer 32:32]. The priests were only doing the part of the law they wanted to do and they left the other undone [Matt 23:23; Matt 21:13]. They were even breaking the Sabbath [Neh 13:15-21]. The children of Zadok will minister unto the Lord during his millennial reign because they kept the sanctuary [Ezek 44:9-16].

So, what about the priests today. They are supposed to:

Bring glory to God’s name – Mal 2:2 – but they don’t – they call a wafer “My Lord and my God” – and they glorify Mary.

Be from the tribe of Levi – Mal 2:4 – they are not Levitical priests – they are like Jeroboam’s priests.

Fear God – Mal 2:5 – they don’t – they fear the tradition and they fear the Pope and they fear men – they will swear using God’s name yet they will never swear by the Pope’s name or in Mary’s name.

Speak the law – Mal 2:7 – you can’t get much Bible study out of a priest – they know the catechism but they don’t know the Bible.

Keep people from stumbling – Mal 2:8 – a fellow who grew up in the Catholic church got mad when he got saved because his priest had never given him the gospel; he was causing him to stumble.

Fully adhere to the law – Mal 2:9 – they don’t – they keep their tradition contrary to the law – like calling their priests father contrary to Matt 23:9.

Conclusion: Priests today are partial in the law and are not at all what they are supposed to be according to the Bible – you don’t need a priest – Jesus is your high priest – you are in the priesthood of the believer when you are saved.