I Loved Jacob But Hated Esau Mal 1:1-5

I Loved Jacob and Hated Esau Mal 1:1-5 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Why did the Lord love Jacob and why did he hate Esau? Not because of predestination – Gen 25:23 [Rom 9:10-14].

He loved Jacob because of:

His everlasting love for Israel – Jer 31:2-3 – the Lord loves Israel with an everlasting love.

His covenant with Abraham and Isaac – Deut 7:8-9 – the Lord will not break his covenant with Israel, so he loved Jacob in spite of the fact that he was a deceiver; likewise the Lord loves us because his covenant with us in salvation is everlasting [Jn 3:16].

He hated Esau because of:

Esau’s disdain for the birthright – Gen 25:32-33 – Esau wasn’t about to die; he was just so hungry that he could say, “I am starving to death” – he gave up the everlasting right of his birth for a bowl of chili [Heb 12:16] – this is the same reason that many sinners won’t come to Christ to be saved – they disdain the Lord’s offer to adopt them as his children and to make them joint heirs with Jesus.

Esau’s desire to kill God’s choice – not only did Esau want to kill Jacob because of the blessing, but his descendants oppose Israel and desire to destroy Israel as a nation.

Esau’s proud opposition to God’s plan – Edom said that they would rebuild after God destroyed them – this will never happen.

Conclusion: The Lord’s glory is magnified in his love and in his hatred – God will bestow his love upon you if you trust Jesus, regardless of how bad you have been in sin – but if you reject Jesus, the Lord will destroy you in his wrath [Ps 5:5; Prov 6:16-19].