Isaiah 46:1-13 The Fall of the Babylonian Gods

The Fall of the Babylonian Gods Isaiah 46:1-13 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This lesson is a running commentary, verse by verse, through Is 46:1-13.

Is 46:1 – Bel [Jer 50:2, Jer 51:44] and Nebo are Babylonian gods – Bel is the principal Babylonian god – we find his name associated with King Belshazzar [Dan 5:1] and Daniel [“Belteshazzar”, Dan 1:7] – Nebo is associated with King Nebuchadnezzar [Dan 2:1] and Captain Nebuzaradan [2 Ki 25:8] – there is also another Babylonian god mentioned in scripture whose name is Merodach [Jer 50:2] associated with King Evil-merodach [2 Ki 25:27] and King Merodach-baladan [Is 39:1] – these gods ‘boweth down’ – contrast their normal posture [Is 45:7, “standeth”] and compare this to 1 Sam 5:1-4, where Dagon, the Philistines’ “fish god” bowed down twice to the ark of God – these gods were carried away on beasts with the spoils just as Babylon carried away Judah’s gold, silver and brass temple treasures in 2 Ki 25:13-16.

Is 46:2 – these “gods” couldn’t deliver their burden – instead, they went into captivity with the people – some gods they were!!

Is 46:3-4 – the Lord tells Israel to hearken to this – the Lord carries them from the cradle to the grave, unlike these idols that must be carried by the men who make them – see Ex 19:4; Deut 32:11-12; Rev 12:4 [the Lord carries them on eagles’ wings].

Is 46:5-8 – these verses contrast God with these man-made idols – men carry their gods, their gods cannot move, they cannot answer and they cannot save – yet the Lord does all three – they need to remember this the next time they are tempted to worship idols.

Is 46:9-11 – the Lord tells them to remember the former things of old – there is none like me in Egypt – their gods could not compete with God – the magicians quit trying when God brought forth lice from the dust.  God prophecies and then he brings it to pass – “My counsel shall stand” – thus there is no counsel against the Lord [Prov 21:30].  Then he reminds them what he is about to do with Cyrus [Is 44:26-45:2] the man who is the “ravenous bird from the east” [compare Jer 49:22; Ezek 17:3 for men likened to eagles].

Is 46:12-13 – Hearken stouthearted who are far from righteousness [See Rom 10:1-3] – “I bring near my righteousness” [Rom 10:4] – “my salvation shall not tarry” [Lk 2:25-32] – “salvation in Zion for Israel my glory” [Jer 23:6] – all of these prophecies are fulfilled in Jesus Christ.