Responsibility and Reward Prov. 3:1-10

Responsibility & Reward Prov 3: 1-10 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The Bible is a very practical book and Proverbs is loaded with life principles.  In this passage are five principle responsibilities that men have and each is accompanied by a related reward.  Fulfill this responsibility and you will have that reward.  These are the twin principles of responsibility and reward.  Remember that Proverbs contains general principles to be followed and not doctrinal promises to be claimed.  There are always exceptions as you will see.  The five principles and their related rewards are:

Principle #1 – Obey your parents and God – Prov 3:1

Reward – Longevity, Peace and Eternal Life – Prov 3:2

Principle #2 – Apply mercy and truth with God and man – Prov 3:3

Reward – Favor and understanding with God and man – Prov 3:4

Principle #3 – Trust and acknowledge the Lord – Prov 3:5

Reward – Providential direction – Prov 3:6

Principle #4 – Fear God and depart from evil – Prov 3:7

Reward – Physical health – Prov 3:8

Principle #5 – Give first to the Lord – Prov 3:9

Reward – All sufficiency in all things – Prov 3:10 [2 Cor 9:8]