Isaiah 43:14-28 The Lord’s Relationship with Israel

The Lord’s Relationship with Israel Is. 43:14-28 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The most notable theme of this passage is the glaring contrast between the Lord’s relationship with Israel their refusal to turn from their sin and worship him.

The Lord’s Relationship with Israel – He is their redeemer [Is 43:14; 43:1; Job 19:25; Ps 78:35], the Holy One of Israel [Is 43:14; 2 Ki 19:22]; the LORD [Is 43:15; Is 43:3; Ex 15:3]; the Creator of Israel [Is 43:15; Is 43:21; Is 43:1]; and King [Is 43:15; 1 Sam 12:12; 1 Sam 8:7-8 (not Caesar, Jn 19:15, not the antichrist, Dan 11:21-39)].

The Lord’s Provision for Israel– notice all that the Lord has done for them:

  • He brought down the nobles of Babylon [Is 43:14] – historically in Is 23:13; Dan 5:30-31 and prophetically in Rev 18:2, 17-19.
  • He made a way in the sea [Is 43:16] – historically in Ex 14:21-22 and prophetically in Hab 3:15.
  • He quenched the chariot, horse and army as tow [Is 43:17] – historically in Ex 14:27-31 and prophetically in Mic 5:10 and Hag 2:22.
  • He made rivers in the desert [Is 43:18-19] – historically in Ps 78:15-16 and prophetically in Is 41:17-18 [beasts, dragons, owls and Israel shall praise him, Is 47:2-5].
  • He blots out Israel’s transgressions and sins [Is 43:25 – prophetically in Heb 8:10-12]; contrast what he did historically [Ex 34:6-7; Heb 8:6-9].

The Lord’s Rejection by Israel– notice the following:

  • Israel’s refusal to call upon him [Is 43:22] – see Mic 6:3-5 and contrast 1 Ki 18:27-29 – Israel grew weary of him [contrast Gal 6:9, 2 Cor 11:27].
  • Israel’s refusal to honor him with sacrifices [Is 43:23-24] – God’s requirements were Mic 6:6-8 and Hos 6:6; Israel sacrificed to idols instead and when they did sacrifice to the Lord they sacrificed junk [Mal 1:11-13].
  • Israel’s refusal to turn from their sins [Is 43:24-25] – the Lord is the only one who can blot out their sin; they wouldn’t quit and turn to him [Jn 1:29].
  • Israel’s refusal to be justified by the Lord [Is 43:26] – see Is 45:24-25.

Conclusion: for these reasons, the Lord profaned the princes of the sanctuary and gave Jacob to the curse and Israel to reproaches [Deut 8:11-20].