Isaiah 41:1-29 Israel’s Advantages Over Her Enemies

Israel’s Advantages Over Her Enemies Is 41:1-29 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Isaiah 41 the Lord discloses Israel’s advantages over her enemies.  In v.1 the Lord invites her enemies to “come near together to judgment.”  He sizes them up in comparison to Israel and concludes that they are all vanity.  When comparing Israel to her enemies notice that she has the following advantages on her side:

The Return of Jesus – v.2-4 – see Rev 19:15-16 and Ps 2:8-9 – by contrast her enemies have man made idols [v.5-7]

The Covenant of Abraham – v.8-9 – see Ps 105:8-15 – by contrast her enemies are under the curse of this covenant [Gen 12:3]

The Presence of God – v.10-12 – see Ex 33:14-17 – by contrast her enemies are promised defeat – when Israel looks for them they can’t even find them

The Help of God – v.13-16 – see Deut 33:7, 26, 29 – with the Lord to help Israel there is no way that her enemies can win

The Fountain of Water – v.17-18 – see Jer 2:13, Jn 4:10 – without water they cannot survive – the Lord provides them water just like he did in the wilderness

The Restoration of Nature – v.19-20 – see Joel 2:21-27 – during the Tribulation the rain will be withheld 3 ½ years and when the Lord returns, he restores the land for Israel while her enemies are in drought and desolation [Joel 2:20]

The Prophecy of Scripture – v.21-24 – see Is 60:12; Is 14:2; Deut 28:1, 10 – her enemies can produce not even one true prophecy proving their defeat of Israel – so they are worthless to even contend with Israel seeing that Israel has yet many prophecies concerning her ultimate defeat of all her enemies and the ultimate world-wide rule of her Messiah and King

Conclusion: v.25-28 – Jesus will come and tread the princes of the nations who are enemies of the Jews.  This has been declared from the beginning.  These nations have no prophetic response; they can’t answer a word.  They and their idols are vanity, nothing, wind and confusion.