Why and How God Destroys Nineveh Nah. 3:1-19

Why & How God Destroys Nineveh Nah. 3:1-19 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

According to Nah 3:1-19, when God destroys Nineveh, it will be the end of the Antichrist’s kingdom.  The old city of Nineveh was destroyed in 612 BC but the references in this passage are Second Advent references and refer to the same place as the city of old.

Nineveh dates back to Nimrod.  The historical Nineveh is gone but the prophecies are still applicable to the place inhabited by the Antichrist during the Tribulation.  Thus you see the common references to Nineveh and Mystery Babylon.

Nineveh was an “exceeding great city” in the Book of Jonah. It was on the eastern bank of the Tigris River in Assyria, near modern-day Mosul, in Iraq..

Nineveh was an important junction for trade routes.  Nineveh worshiped Ishtar.  Sennacherib made Nineveh a magnificent city.  Nineveh was attacked by the Medes. Nineveh fell in 612 BC and was razed to the ground. The Assyrian empire came to an end.  Today, the province of Nineveh (Ninawa) has a large role in Iraqi politics.

Our study is laid out as a verse by verse commentary.

Here is “why” God destroys Nineveh:

Nah 3:1 because of their lies

Nah 3:1 because of their robbery – like the Pharisees

Nah 3:4 because of their whoredoms – compare the mother of harlots in Rev 17 and Jezebel

Nah 3:4 because of their witchcraft and sorceries

Nah 3:4 because of her selling nations

Nah 3:16 because of her merchandising – like Rev 18 and Eze 28

Here is “how” God destroys Nineveh.

Nah 3:2-3 they are overrun by His army

Nah 3:5-6 they are made vile by the Lord

Nah 3:7 He razes her – she is laid waste

Nah 3:8-10 she has no defense strong enough.  There is no compassion on the part of her attackers.  Men are killed and those not killed are taken in slavery

Nah 3:11-12 she has no hiding place – see v.14, as well

Nah 3:13 her gates are opened to her enemy and only the women are left

Nah 3:15 she is burned

Nah 3:17-18 her nobles run for their lives – they are scattered

Nah 3:19 she succumbs to an incurable disease

And here is the world’s response to her destruction.

Nah 3:19 the world claps the hands over her – she affected everybody.