Nineveh Destroyed Nah. 2:1-13

Nineveh Destroyed Nah. 2:1-13 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

We’ll handle the exposition of Nah 2:1-13 in a verse by verse commentary.  This passage deals with the subject of Nineveh destroyed.

Nah 2:1 – Ex 15:6; Ps 2:9; Is 13:16-19; Jer 13:13-14, the dasher is the Lord though he may use a nation to do the dashing.

Nah 2:2 – the Lord deals with Israel first and empties them out before turning on the other nations – just like he did with and to Nebuchadnezzar in Jer 25.  The Lord ends up running through them all, Jer 25.

Nah 2:3-4 – describes the Lord’s mighty army like Joel did in Joel 2:4-11 – and he describes their effect, Ps 68:8.

Nah 2:5 – the antichrist’s army takes up defense preparing for the attack.

Nah 2:6 – then the Lord just overwhelms his army like a flood [could be literal water, Ps 68:9].  More than likely the flood typifies the overrunning army [compare Is 8:7, 17:12-13].

Nah 2:7 – Huzzab [whatever that is] is taken captive before Nineveh, causing the Ninevites to high tail it and not look back.

Nah 2:8 – crying, “Stand, Stand,” doesn’t slow these seasoned soldiers a bit.  They run for their lives.

Nah 2:9 – they leave all of their spoil for God’s army – makes for easy pickins.

Nah 2:10 – she’s emptied out as in Nah 2:2 and the blackness results from the spontaneous combustion of their bodies in God’s flames, Joel 2:6.

Nah 2:11-12 – the lions and lionesses are kings, princes and the queens that have ruled – they’re gone [compare Eze 19].

Nah 2:13 – this is God’s promise to thoroughly destroy them until their voice is no longer heard.