Isaiah 35:1-10 The Desert Shall Rejoice

The Desert Shall Rejoice Is. 35:1-10 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When the Lord returns to the earth everything in nature is going to be restored and in perfect peace.  The Jews will be saved, the wilderness will be fruitful, the feeble will be strong, the infirm will be healed, and the ransomed Jews will rejoice in Zion. This 35th chapter of Isaiah is a great testimony to the joy that will prevail upon the earth after the Lord’s return.

However, before the Lord’s return and during his second coming, the earth is going to be utterly destroyed [Jer 4:23-28].   Thus, most of the saints who are awaiting his coming are going to be tempted to give up hope.  By this prophecy, the Lord intends for the weak, feeble and fearful to be encouraged and strengthened in the sure knowledge that the Lord God will return with vengeance upon Israel’s enemies [Is 34] and save Israel [Is 35:3-4].  And when he returns, he will do far more than just save them.

When Jesus returns to the earth:

All nature will be restored and be glorious – Is 35:1-2 – Is 51:3 – when the Lord returns he will restore nature that has been cursed because of sin – until he comes nature groans for his coming and for his restoration, Rom 8:20-22.

  • Waters, springs and streams will cover the desert – Is 35:6-7 – Ps 65:9-11, Ps 107:35-38 – before the Lord comes, he withholds the rain and everything dries up – when he returns he brings rain and he opens springs and streams in places that have been desert for as long as anyone can remember.
  • Grass, reeds and rushes will grow in the parched ground – Is 35:7 – Ps 65:12-13, Is 41:18-20 – the water causes grass and trees to grow on the land and reeds and rushes to grow along the banks of the ponds and lakes.

All nature will rejoice and sing – Is 35:1-2 – 1 Chr 16:31-36, Ps 96:11-12, Ps 148:1-14 – the trees and mountains literally break forth into singing like a huge world-wide choir.

Everyone will see the glory of the Lord – Is 35:2 – Is 40:5, Is 60:1-3, Ezek 43:2 – his glory is currently hid from the earth but when he returns there will not be anyone who cannot see his glory – the whole world will see the glory of the Lord.

The blind will see, the deaf will hear, the lame will walk and the dumb will sing – Is 35:5-6 – Matt 11:5 [Matt 9:27-30, Mk 7:32-35, Acts 3:2-8, Matt 12:22], Matt 15:30, Mal 4:2 – all of these miracles happened when Jesus was here at his first coming as a testimony that he was Israel’s Messiah – of course, they were also looking for his kingdom at the same time – so, when he returns, all of these healing miracles will heal Israel of all of these maladies and, this time, he will come with his kingdom.

A highway for the redeemed will be there – Is 35:8-9 – this highway will be called “the way of holiness” – see Is 11:16, 40:3 – this highway will only be for the redeemed – so no unclean person, no wayfaring man, no lion and no ravenous beast shall go up thereon.

The ransomed of the Lord will return to Zion with singing and everlasting joy – Is 35:10 – Is 51:11, Is 61:3 – this is the day that Israel will finally be able to stop their mourning and their visits to the Wailing Wall – they will rejoice with everlasting joy!!

Conclusion: There is a great spiritual picture here of what we have in Jesus Christ as a result of being saved.  Spiritually, we have strength [v.3, Eph 6:10], victory [v.4, 1 Cor 15:57], health [v.5-6, Matt 13:16-17], water [v.6-7, Jn 7:38-39, Eph 5:26], holiness [v.8, 2 Cor 7:1], protection [v.9, 1 Pet 5:8] and joy [v.10, Gal 5:22-23].