Isaiah 33:13-24 The Tribulation Saints Returning to Jerusalem

The Tribulation Saints Returning to Jerusalem Is. 33 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

As events in the Tribulation give way to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, we see the tribulation saints returning to Jerusalem from Selah Petra to find Jerusalem secure, the enemy gone and the Lord Jesus Christ in command.  Is 33:13-24 is about what the tribulation saints find as they leave their hiding place in the wilderness [Rev 12] and return to Jerusalem.

As this passage opens in v.13, saints that are far off and near hear that the Lord has done something mighty.  Therefore, the sinners in Zion are afraid because when the Lord returns, he will come with devouring fire and everlasting burning [Is 33:11-12. 2 Thes 1:7-9].  The question is, “Who among them will be able to dwell with him in fire?”  Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego did.  The answer is in v.15

v.15 describes those who will dwell with him [notice that all of these conditions are related to observing the law, Deut 6:25; see Ps 15].  They will:

Walk righteously

Speak uprightly

Despise gain by oppression – many rulers increase their wealth by subverting their constituents

Refuse bribes – like political contributions today

Not be enticed by violence – see Prov 1:10-16

Hide their eyes from evil

v.16 These righteous saints will be protected in Selah Petra while waiting for the Lord’s return.

Their defense is the munitions of rocks [Selah Petra is the “rock” city – see Ps 3:2, 4, 8; Ps 60:9-11; Hab 3:3 – at his second coming, Jesus will from ride Sinai to Selah Petra in Edom, then Teman, Paran, up the king’s highway, and across the Jordan River – he will dismount at the Mt. of Olives, Ps 68:7-8, Deut 33:2, Jud 5:4-5, Hab 3:3, Is 63:1-4, Num 20:17, Num 21:21-22, Zech 14:3-4].

Their bread will be manna – Mic 7:14-15

Their water will come from the Lord – Is 33:2

v.17 From Selah, the saints will see Jesus in his beauty [contrast Is 53:2] and they will see Israel far off, when he comes.

v.18-19 After Jesus comes, on their way to Israel, the saints will meditate terror – they will be reminiscing about when the antichrist came to Israel with terror [compare Ezek 32:23-32] – terrorism is the threat today – they will be expecting to find the antichrist’s people still there, however, they will all be gone, the scribe, the receiver, all of them.

v.20 Zion will once again be the city of their “solemnities” [solemn feasts] – for the first time, Jerusalem will be quiet [Ps 48:11-14] and the tabernacle will never again be removed – notice that the tabernacle described in this verse is the old tent – perhaps this is a clue that the Jews can set up a “temple” in Israel quickly if they make it like Moses’ tabernacle in the wilderness.

v.21 The glorious Lord will be there indicates that the Lord will be there in his glory [Matt 25:31, Lk 24:26] – the rivers and streams come from his throne [Ezek 47:1-12] – a galley is a long, low single deck ship.

v.22 The Lord will be their judge, lawgiver, king and Savior – that is he will rule the judicial, legislative and executive branches of government in a theocratic monarchy.  Oddly our government wants any reference to Jesus Christ in federal schools and buildings removed – yet, he will not only be “over” our government, in time, he will “be” the government!!!

v.23 The ships of the enemies who came to spoil Israel won’t be able to sail away and so their spoil will be the prey of the lame [Jer 30:16].

v.24 They won’t be sick because Jesus will have healed them and their iniquities will have been forgiven [Jer 30:7, 17; Jer 31:31-34] – they will be under the new covenant.