Isaiah 32:1-8 A King Shall Reign in Righteousness

A King Shall Reign In Righteousness Is. 32 1-8 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Isaiah 32:1-8 describes the changes that take place among men when Jesus returns to the earth for his millennial reign.  Like the text says, a king shall reign in righteousness.

When Jesus returns:

Jesus will be king – Is 32:1 – see Is 9:6-7, where Jesus rules on the throne of David over a kingdom that lasts forever – see Dan 2:44 and Rev 19:16.

Jesus will reign in righteousness – Is 32:1 – according to Jer 23:6, when he reigns, he will be called “The Lord our Righteousness.”  See Ps 98:9.

Princes shall rule with him in judgment – Is 32:1 – These are the saints who reign with Jesus on earth – see Rev 1:5-6; Rev 5:10; Rev 20:4, 6.

Jesus “a man” will be likened to:

  • A hiding place from the wind – Is 32:2 – see Jer 23:19 for the wind and Ps 27:5 for the hiding place.
  • A covert from the tempest – Is 32:2 – see see Ps 83:14-15 for the tempest and Ps 61:2-4 for the covert [covering].
  • Rivers of water in a dry place – Is 32:2 – see Ps 105:41 and 1 Cor 10:4 for the water that came from Christ when the Jews were in the wilderness – he will provide it again.
  • The shadow of a great rock in a weary land – Is 32:2 – see Ps 18:2 for the Lord as their rock.

The Lord’s people will be able to:

  • See – Is 32:3 – contrast Matt 13:13-16, and Rom 11:25.
  • Hear – Is 32:3 – see Matt 13:14-16.
  • Understand – Is 32:4 – see Heb 8:10-11 – under the new covenant all Israel will know the Lord and his laws; they will understand perfectly [Lk 24:45].
  • Speak plainly – Is 32:4 – in the same way that the Lord miraculously made the dumb to speak when he was here the first time – see Mk 7:32-35.

The vile person shall not be called liberal – Is 32:5 – during the millennial reign of Jesus, a vile person will no longer be called liberal – liberality is commendable with the Lord [2 Cor 8:2] and liberty is given by the Spirit of God [2 Cor 3:17] – so the term liberal should be used to denote a person walking in the liberty of the Holy Spirit who cheerfully and abundantly gives – however, today a liberal is generally a non-conservative – thus, he likely stands for many policies that are completely contrary to God and the Bible – as such he is “vile” – in the millennium, such a person will no longer be called “liberal.”

The liberal deviseth liberal things – Is 32:8 – notice that a liberal proposes liberal policies, for instance, which allow or legalize things like abortion, homosexuality, same sex marriage, the abolition of capital punishment, the outlawing of corporal punishment and so forth, all of which are contrary to the plain wording of the Bible.

By liberal things he stands – Is 32:8 – he stands on liberal policies and doctrines but his standing is weak because he is not standing on the words of the Lord – it is just a matter of time before he and everything he has built will crumble – see Matt 7:24-27.

The vile person will speak villainy – Is 32:6 – Villainy is wicked or criminal behavior. In other words, right now we have villains in many places throughout the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government – however, for most people, they cannot see that these individuals are villains because they do not tell the truth when they speak – they try to sound like good guys interested in the well-being of their constituents and our country – instead, they are vile and only rarely does one of them get caught – during the millennium, they will be easy to recognize by what they say.

The vile person’s heart will work iniquity – Is 32:6:

  • To practice hypocrisy – Is 32:6 – he will pretend to be something that he is not, like the Pharisees – Matt 23.
  • To utter error against the Lord – Is 32:6 – he will be opposed to the Lord’s reign and so he will speak out against the Lord accusing him of error just like the Pharisees did [Matt 12:2; 12:24; 15:12; 19:3; 22:15; etc.].
  • To make empty the soul of the hungry – Is 32:6 – believe it or not vile people are more interested in feeding themselves than they are in feeding those without food, although they speak constantly about helping the poor – they bankrupt their countries and the poor are the ones who end up starving to death – just consider how many millions of Ukranians died from Stalin’s “artificial famine” in 1932-1933 resulting from economic problems, collectivization, rejection of outside aid, confiscation of household foodstuffs and restriction of population movement.
  • To cause the drink of the thirsty to fail – Is 32:6 – they control the water and they are going to run out in the tribulation when there is no rain for 3 ½ years to replenish the reservoirs and aquifers – fortunately for the Tribulation saints, the Lord supplies their need Is 41:17-18.

The churl will not be called bountiful – Is 32:5 – a churl is a mean, ill-bred, rude, stingy person – today when a churl ends up in government and spends your money he is considered by those who receive the money to be a “bountiful” person – in the tribulation he will be known for who he is and he certainly won’t be called “bountiful.”

The churl’s instruments are evil – Is 32:7:

  • He deviseth wicked devices – Is 32:7 – calling Bible and prayer in a public school unconstitutional while calling the slaying of innocent children in the womb constitutional is a terribly wicked device – allowing a boy who says he would rather be a girl into the girls’ restroom or locker room in California is a wicked device – selling marijuana legally in Colorado is a wicked device – and so forth.
  • He destroys the poor with lying words – Is 32:7 – that’s why the Lord made it clear in the law that judges were not to respect persons in judgment nor to receive a gift (today called a political contribution) [Ex 23:6; Lev 19:15; Deut 1:17; 16:19] – the Pharisees are a good example of lying, greedy deceivers who prey upon the poor [Matt 23:14].

It is very interesting that the Bible exposes liberals for what they really are. But since the vast majority of the country rejects or neglects the words of God, these liberal churls run rampant and will continue to do so until the Lord stops them when he returns to reign.  Thank God that Jesus will stop them and that he will never take advantage of his people the way that they have.