A Virtuous Woman & The Church I Prov. 31:10-20

The Virtuous Woman and The Church I Prov 31:10-20 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

We find similarities between the virtuous woman of Prov 31 and the Church – examining these similarities will help us understand the Church better – notice the Church’s and the virtuous woman’s:

Price – v.10 – the Church cost Jesus his life.

Trust – v.11 – What we do we do by FAITH – so that Jesus has no need of spoil to keep his bride, the Church, happy – however, today, as much as preachers ask for money [Rev 3:17] you find that we have become SPOILED – in 2 Cor 9:8, he truly supplies what we need.

Good Works – v.12 – we are to do Jesus good – we are to be doers of the word and not hearers only – in Paul’s letter to Titus he speaks five times of doing good works – see 1 Cor 15:58.

Willingness – v.13 – 1 Thes 2:8 – we should be willing to do everything that the Lord desires.

Food – v.14 – we get our food from afar – we get heavenly manna – the words of God are from heaven – we live not by bread alone; we desire the sincere milk of the word.

Day – v.15, 18 – we work at night – the church age is likened to nighttime – Jesus said, “I come as a thief in the night” – notice that all the watches in which he can come are night watches Mk 13:35 – so, we are admonished to stay awake and to arise out of sleep, Rom 13:11-12.

Field – v.16 – the field is the world – Jesus bought it with his life and we work in it – pray the Lord of the harvest – his vineyard in Matt 21 was given to another nation [his holy nation of peculiar people, 1 Pet 2].

Strength – v.17 – we are told to be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might, Eph 6:10.

Merchandise – v.18 – our merchandise is eternal life – and rather than sell it, we offer it for free, since Jesus has already paid for it.

Ministry – v.20 – we minister to the needy – they need salvation regardless of their wealth – remember the rich young ruler in Lk 18, he asked, “What Lack I Yet?” – in spite of his wealth he was very needy!