A Virtuous Woman and Her Children Prov. 31: 10-31

A Virtuous Woman & Her Children Prov. 31: 10-31 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

We live in a generation of children that are going further and further from the Lord and you hear many reasons for it: government schools, evolution, weaker churches, the influence of music and movies, and so forth.  There’s an element of truth in that but at the same time there are a number of children who are exposed to these things who have not lost their bearing with the Lord.  Do you know why?  They have good mothers.

A virtuous woman will care for her children according to this text.  She will provide them with:

Good nutrition – v.14 – butter and honey shall he eat – Is 7:15 – they learn to refuse the dainties Prov 23:3 – according to v.15 she provides the best for her children even if she has to get up early to feed them before she works (she gets up while it is still night) – AND speaking of nutrition, the Bible says, “Man shall not live by bread alone…” Lois and Eunice fed Timothy the words of God.

Good clothing – v.21 – she keeps them warm in the winter because she loves them AND she is concerned for their modesty – too many children today are conformed to the world and not to the Lord – often the clothing is so skimpy they get cold in the A/C – they do not have enough clothes on, 1 Tim 2:9 – and concerning the use of scarlet, they are clothed in the blood of Jesus – Rahab hung a scarlet thread out of her window – the Tribulation saints will have washed their robes in the blood of Jesus.

Good instruction – v.26 – wisdom – the instruction of a mother – she leads by word and example – Prov 1:8 v Prov 19:27 – she will keep them away from things that cause them to err like certain friends, movies and television programs – she’ll straighten out the errors in their education – she may home school – she will keep them away from false preaching, the wrong books and much of what is on the internet.

Good supervision – v.27 – she diligently oversees what her children are involved in and gets in the middle of it if it is wrong – she leads in what they are doing if it is right – she keeps them away from bad influences of alcohol, sex, and drugs – she’s not lazy – some moms have to skip a meal just to be with the kids – you cannot be lazy or selfish and raise children – you have to be vigilant 1 Pet 5:8 or the devil may devour your children.

For these she is blessed by her children v.28 – they may say, “Thank you Mom for keeping me straight when I wanted to veer off of the path” – the kids stayed clean.

Conclusion: Please remember that sometimes you do all you can and the children still go south – at least you did  all you can do – if you haven’t done all that you can do then get with the program – that’s what virtuous women do.