A Virtuous Woman and Her Husband Prov. 31: 10-31

A Virtuous Woman & Her Husband Prov. 31: 10-31 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This lesson, from Prov 31:10-31, is on a virtuous woman and her husband.  As a benefit to her husband:

She’s trustworthy – v.11 – he safely trusts in her – unlike the woman of Prov 7:7-23, 27 – the trouble with an unfaithful woman starts when she wants to start having nights out with the girls, then with a man – women in an office environment often get into this situation.

She’s penny-wise – v.11 – he hath no need of spoil – she can manage a household on whatever budget there is – she lives within the means – she shops wisely and rarely; she shops to buy not to shop – she conserves money by watching the bills.

She’s good to him – v.12 – she’s submissive Eph 5, 1 Pet 3, Tit 2 – she will love him, honor him, reverence him, and obey him – she knows that “woman” was created as a help meet for “man” – she knows from 1 Cor 7 how she may please her husband.

She’s not evil toward him – v.12 – she doesn’t run him down or bad-mouth him – she renders unto him due benevolence 1 Cor 7:3 – she doesn’t seek the counsel of other men to try to make him like them.

She strengthens his reputation – v.23 – people entreat him well for his wife’s sake like Ruth 4:13-15 – she is unlike Jezebel who helped destroy her husband’s reputation (she slew the prophets of the Lord, she threatened Elijah, she ordered the death of Naboth, 1 Ki 21:25 and she stirred up Ahab to do evil).

Therefore, he praises her – v.28 – one of the highest honors a good wife can receive is the praise of her husband – he praises her in front of her, her children and his friends – if she is not interested in the honor of her husband’s praise, she will never be a woman to excel in virtue.