A Virtuous Woman and Her Character Prov. 31: 10-31

A Virtuous Woman & Her Character Prov. 31: 10-31 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This lesson is about a virtuous woman and her character.

If you are a woman this lesson will guide you in how to live.

If you are a single man this will guide you in what to look for in a woman.

If you are a married woman this will guide you in what to become by the grace of God.

If you are a married man this will guide you in what to pray for and what to help your wife become by encouragement.

A virtuous woman’ character:

She’s priceless – Prov 31:10 her price is far above rubies (she’s up there with wisdom Job 28:18, Prov 3:13-15) – so she cannot be bought – some men try to buy their women with money, house, cars, restaurants, jewelry, fancy vacations, and so forth [when the money dries up she’s gone].

She’s rare – Prov 31:10 she is rarer than rubies – Solomon said he could not find even 1 out of 1,000 Ecc 7:27-28 – a good woman is hard to find – a good place to look is in a good home and in a good church – she’s not going to be like the run of the mill Hollywood starlet or magazine teen idol or rock star wasted and dissipated by a reckless life, running the way of the world seeking nothing but worldly pleasure and selfish desire.

She’s wise – considering her price and considering that she fears the Lord (Prov 31:30; 26) – she doesn’t fear men, she won’t compromise, she won’t break her vows, she is not persuaded by peer pressure, she follows God’s counsel – she will be reading her Bible – praying – obeying her parents – and not running around with you if all you are interested in is her body.

She’s kind – Prov 31:26 – Eph 4:32 – unlike today’s woman who is more self-centered –  I’ve noticed that women “empowered” are not kind and many times they are more ruthless than their male counter-parts – prison was a good place to see this – politics often is, too.

She’s chaste – Prov 31:30 she realizes that beauty is vain and that favor is deceitful – so she’s going to be like 1 Pet 3:2-4; 1 Tim 2:9-10 – she’s like the church whom God loves 2 Cor 11:2 – she will maintain her virginity until she marries.