King Lemuel’s Mother Prov. 31:1

His Mother Taught Him Prov. 31:1 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The wisdom of King Lemuel was from the prophecy that King Lemuel’s mother taught him.  This proverb shows the importance of a good mother training her son(s)!

King Lemuel’s mother taught him:

The Scriptures – 2 Tim 3:14-15 – Timothy began to learn the scriptures in his childhood.  The best place for kids to learn the Bible is at home – so get to know the Bible yourself and teach it to them so that when they hear it at church it won’t be strange to them – salvation at youth camp and VBS can be shallow – but when children are led to the Lord at home after a diligent time of understanding it is good – don’t send your children to church; go with them.

Unfeigned Faith – 2 Tim 1:5 – Timothy’s mother and grandmother trained Timothy in unfeigned faith – no hypocrisy – if you spend your time looking good at church and then bad mouthing everybody when you get home, your children are going to know that your faith is feigned – they better see you praying more than just a blessing over the food – let them know that Christ is real at church, at home, at play, at work, everywhere and in every way.

Obedience – Prov 1:8; Eph 6:1 – obey the law of thy mother – she laid down the law for us – watch these teens when they gain control of their mothers; they have never been trained to obey – mothers you obey God and you obey your husband and you make your children obey you and start as soon as you get them home from the hospital – train them to obey on the first command and train them that there are consequences to disobedience.

Wisdom – Prov 29:15 – coupled with the rod of reproof – he’ll learn the love of the chastening hand – one fellow said, “My mother was very patriotic.  She was all for the stars and the stripes.  She laid down the stripes and I saw the stars.” Wisdom comes from the fear of the Lord and if it doesn’t start with fearing you it will never end up with fearing God.

Wine and Women – Prov 31 – mothers must train their sons about wine and women – Prov 23:25-35 – I saw a little cousin one and a half years who called his little glass of water a cocktail (training) – Jhant’s mom called root beer, “root ale” so as not to confuse it with alcohol – one preacher’s mom taught him to play poker and drink; if it hadn’t been for a soul winning preacher, he’d have ended up in hell – who better to understand a woman and her wiles than a woman – and who better to have a vested interest than mom.

Now do those things mothers and you will have done well by your sons!