Four Things the Earth Cannot Bear Prov. 30:21-23

What the Earth Cannot Bear Prov. 30:21-23 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In this broadcast, we see four things the earth cannot bear.

A servant when he reigneth – Prov 30:22 – 1 Ki 11:26 – Jeroboam, Solomon’s servant, reigned and drew Israel into idolatrous sin from which they never recovered.

1 Ki 16:8-11 – Zimri, the servant of Elah the son of Baasha, slew all the house of Baasha.

In Gen 9:25, Canaan was cursed to be a servant of servants – during the Tribulation, a descendant of Canaan will rule as the antichrist and will raise up an image like Jeroboam did [Rev 13:14-15] – Notice that Judas Iscariot was “Judas, a man from Kerioth,” which is a city in Moab Jer 48:24-25 – Moab is a descendant of Lot and his daughter, whose mother was a woman of Sodom, a descendant of Canaan.

A fool when he is filled with meat – a man is prone to make foolish decisions over meat at a banquet Prov 23:1-3.

1 Sam 25:25 – Nabal, who was a foolish man, wouldn’t feed David, who was a type of Christ – in Matt 25:42 the cursed nations wouldn’t feed the brethren of the Lord when they were hungry.

1 Ki 16:9 – Baasha was in Tirzah drinking himself drunk and he was slain.

There will be a banquet of fools according to Dan 11:26-27 – this will include summits and peace talks amongst enemies who will deceive one another – no world peace comes from these banquets, though they talk about peace Dan 11:21, 24 – rather these talks bring more death and war.

An odious [hateful, detestable] woman when she is married

Jezebel was an odious woman who sought to rule [Is 3:12] and ruined the kingdom with Baal worship.  She was responsible for the death of Naboth, and she is responsible for fornication in Rev 2:20.  She is a descendant of the Zidonians [1 Ki 16:31-33; Gen 10:15] – so she matches the whore of Rev 17.  Her children tried to reunite the kingdoms of Israel & Judah – so, all of her seed royal was destroyed by Jehu.

A handmaid that is heir to her mistress – Hagar – she was the mistress to Sarai and bore a son for her named Ishmael – he was a descendant of Abraham which Muslim’s teach ultimately ties Islam back to God’s covenant with Abraham.

Bilhah – she was mistress to Rachel and bore Dan to Jacob [Gen 30:6].  In Gen 49:16-18 we see that through Dan the antichrist has a Jewish connection – as one preacher says, “the antichrist will be a Syrian Jew” [like Judas Iscariot].