Things God Hates

 Things God Hates


Zechariah was told by the Lord in this passage that there are some things God hates. If we really want to please God we need to take heed to the things God hates. Some times we don’t realize that what we consider a small fib or lie, or not taking a stand, or our evil imagine, or even not keeping our word, is hated in God’s eyes.

“Speak ye every man the truth to his neighbor”

Why do we lie?     These are Things God Hates

  • Pride, bragging is an example of lying to make you look better.
  • We lie so that we can avoid getting in trouble.
  • We lie to hurt someone else, bearing false witness to your neighbor [Ex.20:16], the Lord hates it [Prov.6:19], and it causes damage [prov.25:18]
  • We lie also for our own gain, deceitful [Prov.12:17, 11:1]

“Execute the judgment of truth and peace in your gates”

God wants us to “take a stand”, Paul always did while others failed [2Tim.4:16-17]

“Take a stand” in your relationships, speak the truth in love [Eph.4:14-15]

Seasoned with salt (truth hurts and cleans) [Col.4:6]

Always seek substance over symbolism

“and let none of you imagine evil in your hearts against his neighbor

How do you handle:    These are Things God Hates

  • Road rage
  • Bad Service
  • Computer problems over a help line
  • Billing errors to be corrected over the phone
  • [Prov.27:4] Envy, it killed the Lord [Matt.27:18]
  • It comes as standard equipment [Gen.6:5-6, 8:20-21]

“love no false oath”

Do you tell someone you will do something knowing that you won’t? mean what you say [Jas.5:12]