Vision Prov. 29: 18

Vision Prov. 29: 18 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

It is deadly not to have the right vision – where there is no vision the people perish – so we have to have vision.

We must have a:

Vision of God’s Words – 1 Sam 3:1, 21 [in Lk 24 after Jesus had risen he revealed himself to his disciples by the word of God] – these are God’s words, not man’s words – when Moses’ law and the Bible were removed from public places there was no vision and this has resulted in the destruction of the country – the Bible is not learned by private interpretation but rather by revelation of the Spirit of God.

Vision of Jesus – He is our Savior and our friend, He is holy, He is our strength (Phil 4:13), He is returning, and He’s all the world to me!

Vision of Heaven – Heaven is our home, therefore we set our affection on things above, our departed friends are there, our loved ones are there, and our treasures are laid up above.

Vision of Hell – Hell is real, it’s fire, it’s torment, it’s for ever, so stay out of there, the rich man in Lk 16 wanted to get out and tell his brothers not to end up there.

Vision of Souls – Acts 20:20 – we need to have a 20/20 vision of souls – they can be led to Jesus through the proper sowing of the seed of the word of God and harvesting at the appropriate time.