Contending with the Foolish Prov. 29: 9

Contenting with the Foolish Prov. 29: 9 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Jesus Christ was filled with wisdom (Luke 2:40).

Even the people in Jesus own country recognized his wisdom (Matt 13:54).

Jesus declared that the Pharisees were fools (Matt 23:17 & 19).

So, in the scripture, we find some instruction about contending with the foolish.

Why contending with the foolish is to no avail:

They refuse to study – Jesus instructed the Pharisees to search the scriptures and learn what he meant, but they would spend no time on it.  Rather they laughed him to scorn (Matt 9:10, John 5:39).

They will falsely accuse you – You can reason with them, but they will not accept your line of reasoning; instead they will resort to slander (Matt 9:34, Luke 11:14).

They are hypocrites – They will hold you to a standard that they themselves will not keep (Matt 12:2).

They reject the most convincing evidence – They will either deny the evidence presented or try to falsify it by tampering with it (Matt 12:38).

They only believe what they want to believe – You will never be able to get beyond their foolishness (Matt 14:1).

They are only interested in proving you wrong – They listen to you only to wait for an opportunity to prove you wrong (Matt 19:3, 12:14)