Transgression’s Snare Prov. 29: 6

Transgression’s Snare Prov. 29: 6 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Paul points out that even though we are saved by faith in Jesus Christ we still live in a wicked world where the devil has laid snares to entrap us (Rom 7:21). Being saved does not mean that you escape transgression’s snares. You have to live as a righteous man by remaining vigilant with your eyes on the Lord.

To be a good Christian you need to:

Trust Jesus Christ as your Savior

Obey your mother and father

Read your Bible

Tell your friends about Jesus Christ

Be faithful in attendance at Church


If you lead a life of transgression you will find yourself in a snare. You may not see it, or know when it is pulling on you, but it is there and it will cause you the worst nightmare and collateral damage that the devil can possibly level against you. You can be sure that the devil will take you captive at his will (2Tim 2:26). You may get by with your transgression for years, or decades, but eventually the snare will entangle you (1John 2:15, James 4:4, Prov 5:22).

The only time you will find the joy and happiness you desire on this side of eternity is when you realize all the stuff of the world is vanity and that the only thing worth spending time on and enjoying is Jesus Christ and the Bible. It is as simple as that (John 8:36).