Isaiah 28:1-8 Drunkards of Ephraim

Drunkards of Ephraim Is 28 1-8 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO
This lesson is about the drunkards of Ephraim in Is 28:1-8.  These men are “drunkards.”  When you hear that word you imagine a bum in the gutter.  But these guys are far from the gutter.
  • They occupied prideful positions of authority – “crown of pride” v.1
  • They wore gloriously beautiful attire – “glorious beauty” v.1
  • They achieved the highest social status – “head of the fat valleys ” – v.1
But they were drunkards! They were overcome with wine just like a bum. They were unclean with their vomit and filthiness! v.8
The Lord said “Woe” to them because they are coming down.  Their pride, beauty and status are coming down like a “fading flower”.  They wilt just like cut flowers.  And they are consumed like the “hasty fruit before the summer,” v.1, 4.
They are “cut down” by an enemy, “a mighty and strong one.   This enemy comes in like a hailstorm and a whirlwind, like a “tempest of hail and a destroying storm” or like a tsunami “flood of mighty waters” – v.2, Jer 46:8.  They are “trodden under feet,” literally, v.3, Mic 5:5-6, Is 5:5.
Why would the Lord do this to them?  Because they erred through wine.  The prophet erred in vision and the priest stumbled in judgment.  And so the people ended up “out-of-the-way,” v.7.
As at other times, we see that there is a remnant, a “residue,” who do not follow this drunkenness.  Therefore, the Lord will defend them and spare them and rebuild Jerusalem and Israel with them.  When the Lord comes, he comes to:
  • Rule – with a “crown of glory” and a “diadem of beauty”- Rev 20:4
  • Judge – with the “spirit of judgment” Matt 23:31-46
  • Fight – with his “strength” Zechariah 14:1-3
When you see the influence of alcohol upon the decisions of our government, is it any wonder that our country is in the shape that it is in today. Unfortunately, the terrible things that happened to Israel are likely the same terrible things that will happen to this country, as well.
Often you will hear people say, “The Bible isn’t against drinking.” Really?   Look at these references.
  • Proverbs 23:29-35 – Woe
  • Proverbs 20:1 – Deception
  • Proverbs 31:4-7 – Perversion
  • Habakkuk 2:15 – Nakedness
  • Ephesians 5:18 – Drunkenness
When you see all of these negative references to drinking in the Bible, you cannot logically conclude that the Bible is not against drinking.  You have been deceived.