Robbing Mom and Dad Prov. 28: 24

Robbing Mom & Dad Prov. 28: 24 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Prov 28:24, the destroyer is the devil – you are his companion when you are robbing Mom and Dad.  You must recognize that “It is a transgression” to do what you have done to them – therefore, you need to repent.

How do you rob Mom and Dad?

You rob them of their wealth – 2 Cor 12:14 – mothers and fathers have been drained of thousands of dollars trying to help their wayward and disobedient children.

You rob them of the honor due them – Ex 20:12, Eph 6:1-2 – through your dishonor – a boy that I tutored in college was awful to his mother – and there was a young girl in Chattanooga that I knew in high school who dishonored her mother with a vicious mouth.

You rob them of their heritage – Ps 127:3 – we are from a ranching family so we understand heritage – it is a great heritage to have children – but you destroy the heritage when you turn out rotten – there is no family pride.

You rob them of their good name – Prov 22:1 – people will say, “That’s ole so and so’s father” – you father is held in high regard and you make him look horrible with the way you behave – Bob Welch at the father son retreat with Doug Philips was held in high esteem because his children turned out so well – what you do is a reflection on him.

You rob them of the hope of good grandchildren – Prov 13:22 – you turn out to be a rotten child and you will end up being a rotten parent – and as a rotten parent you will ruin the hopes of you parents ever having upstanding grandchildren.

You rob them of their joy – Prov 23:24-25 – here and hereafter – they should be due the joy of your salvation 1 Thes 2:19 – but you’ll even rob them of that if you don’t get saved.

You rob them of their life – Prov 19:26 wasteth away his father – how many lives have been shortened due to a broken heart – on his death bed Sam Jones’ father told him to change his ways – so he quit drinking and became a preacher – but that all happened too late for his dad to see – why not do it now!!