Boast Not Thyself Of Tomorrow Prov. 27: 1

Boast Not Thyself of To Morrow Prov. 27: 1 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The Bible says, Boast not thyself of tomorrow.  We are so guilty of this – always thinking about what we are going to do:

  • Tomorrow
  • This weekend
  • Next month
  • On vacation
  • This summer
  • When we retire

You better watch out things can change in a hurry.  Many airline retirement accounts were wiped out after 9/11.  The Enron employees lost their retirement funds.  How many people do you know that saved and planned for retirement and died before they retired or ended up seriously ill and couldn’t enjoy retirement?

You have no idea if you are going to even be alive tomorrow – illness, snake bite, disease, car wreck, murder, heart attack, stroke – these all happen quickly.

You have a direct command of the Lord in Matt 6:34 (25-34) – when you keep this command, it keeps you from worrying about the things Gentiles generally worry about – you concentrate on the Kingdom of God and let God deal with the necessities of life.

Jas 4:13-16 – take it one day at a time and when planning for the future, remember to say, “If the Lord will.”

Look how quickly things can change – Lk 12:16-21 in one night a successful farmer dies suddenly; 2 Ki 7:1 in one day a famine breaks; 1 Ki 22 with one venture of a bow Ahab dies; through one event Joseph comes immediately out of prison; in three days Jesus died then he arose – the rapture will take place in the twinkling of an eye – Jesus is coming back in an unexpected hour – all of these happen in a moment and in an hour when ye think not (Matt 24:44).