A Potsherd Covered With Silver Dross Part II Prov. 26: 23-28

A Potsherd Covered with Silver Dross Part II Prov. 26: 23-28 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

A potsherd is a fragment or piece of broken pottery – dross is the worthless material that is removed from the silver when it is refined (it’s lead or tin or something like that).

In this proverb, the dross covers the broken piece of pottery – both the dross and the pottery are absolutely worthless.

Yesterday we saw the dross [dissimulation, fair speech, deception, lies, flattery] – today we see the potsherd (the heart) that the dross covers– a potsherd covered with silver dross is like a heart that is:

Wicked – v.23 – like Judas Iscariot who had the bag and yet betrayed the Lord and Absalom who kissed all the folks and ran his own father out of town.

Deceitful – v.24 – Adonijah 1 Ki 2:13 who started sweet talking Bathsheba into his marriage to Abishag that would have cost Solomon the throne.

Abominable – v.25 – he’s abominable times seven [Prov 6:16-19]:

  • He’s anybody in the media that uses his lips to turn this country away from its heritage and from the Lord to hedonism.
  • He’s anyone in filmmaking, theatre and music that uses his lips to promote the world and deify and exalt man and tear up morals and godliness [he hates righteousness and he hates God that’s why the actors all violate the third commandment and take his name in vain].
  • He’s anyone on a judicial bench that upholds pornography, abortion, homosexuality, gambling, and other forms of godlessness as right and just and who condemns the Ten Commandments as a violation of the establishment clause [he hates God’s authority, justice and equity and wants to be the final authority in his arrogance and pride].
  • He’s anyone in politics whose platform is to destroy the conservative values of our society and turn this country into a socialistic feminist society where children have the right to oppress the citizens legally [he hates Jesus Christ and the fact that Jesus will one day rule this world – like Herod who had the babies killed].
  • He’s anyone in the pulpits of America who uses his perceived authority as a God given right to attack the words of God and turn the faith of Christians from God’s words to the scholarship of men [he hates God’s words and wants men to worship his scholarship and he wants the Bible to say what he wants it to say].
  • He’s anyone in the schools who advances the false science of evolution for a living, warping the minds of students to turn them to the worship of the creature and not the creator [he hates and despises the God of the Bible who is the creator of the universe].
  • He’s anyone in politics or military that promises peace [they hate the enemy and they are bent on using every force to wipe him out] – when they say peace and safety then sudden destruction cometh – these are the buzz words today and they are the deadliest words of our day.

Hateful – v.28 – though he has no problem telling you that he loves you – the love of many shall wax cold.

But he cannot hide forever – v.26 – his hatred shall be shown to the whole congregation – they will know when the pit he dug consumes him or when the stone he rolled rolls over him – this country is being destroyed by the lips of the men who hate this country for what it stands and hate the God that has blessed this country throughout its history – they have dug a huge pit into which they will fall and the stone that they have rolled will crush them – look what happened in Jerusalem and Judah when the men turned their backs on God – they worshipped pictures [we call them moving pictures today] – they worshipped the money of their economy – they allied themselves with their future enemies – they had politicians who turned them to a feminist society and let the children run wild – they had courts that no longer followed the judgments of God but judged according to what was right in their own eyes – they killed their babies – they let the morals of the country fall into complete decay – and they fell to the ground – God destroyed them for their wickedness – the prophets who condemned them for their wickedness were considered the bad guys and the destroyers of the society – the people called evil good and good evil and they turned their ears and hearts away from the men of God – no different here today – and when you finally realize that all these voices who say they love you and love America finally reap the full harvest of their doings, you will finally see their true hatred for you and everything you stand for if you stand for God.

The devil has spent his earthly ministry lying about the words of God and lying about how much he cares for us – he hates God, the words of God and anyone who would venture to even inquire as to the truth of God’s words – in time it will be exceedingly clear what he’s been up to these past 6,000 years – when he winds up in the bottomless pit for 1,000 years and then in the lake of fire for eternity he will have brought the whole mess on his own head – preaching love and hiding hatred with lying lips.

Conclusion: Each of us comes into this world with a deceitful heart and we are thus no better than the potsherd (broken EARTHEN clay – from which we were made) and our only remedy to cover our wickedness is the real redemptive silver of the Lord Jesus Christ not the dross of our own self righteousness.

If you don’t want to wind up in the pit of your own destruction and covered by the rock of your own grave you need to turn from your wickedness (that wickedness that is in your own heart that you so cleverly hide with your lying lips) and trust Jesus Christ as your Savior – he will turn your busted dross covered clay into a body like unto his glorified body in beauty and holiness for ever!!!