Self Control Prov. 25: 28

Self Control Prov. 25:28 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This verse is about self control, plain and simple – self control is a virtue lacking in Christians as well as in the lost.

Paul considered this virtue one of the greatest necessities in his ability to minister proficiently for the Lord – 1 Cor 9 – he even went so far as to say he figured the Lord would shelve him in the ministry if he lacked self control

The picture of a man lacking self control is one of a city without walls or of a city whose walls are broken down.  In either case the residents have no way of protecting themselves from an enemy attack

When Joshua attacked Jericho he broke down the walls – in 2 Ki 14:13-14 Jehoash brake down the wall of Jerusalem and took the gold and silver.

The walls are to be a protection against the enemy – your wall therefore is self control and if you lack it you are unprotected – you become your own worst enemy and any little thing can get in and cause you to destroy your house – your loss of self control can cause you to lose your spouse, kids, house, job, and life.

But all is not lost, you can fortify broken walls – however, repairing broken walls takes a tremendous amount of work – and remember the work that is done here usually comes in adversity – yet this kind of adversity is good for you – you will have to study what Nehemiah did in Neh 4.

To repair the broken walls of lost self control you must:

Face the naysayers – Neh 4:2, 3 – people who don’t believe you will ever change.

Pray – Neh 4:4, 5 – God is your strength.

Build – Neh 4:6 – find every available tool that helps you [L.E.A.R.N., H.A.L.T., don’t take it so serious].

Watch against attacks – Neh 4:7-9 – be sober be vigilant – the devil is out to get you.

Fight off discouragement – Neh 4:9-12 – it is easy to quit, particularly when you see how hard it is.

Arm yourself – Neh 4:13 – we have the whole armor of God – Eph 6:10-18.

Remember for whom you are building – Neh 4:14 – the Lord, your family, and others.

Get some help – Neh 4:15-18 – family cooperation.

Work at it day and night – Neh 4:21-23 – be always on your guard – always in the battle.