Good News From a Far Country Prov. 25: 25

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You know how good it feels to quench your thirst with cold water – when we were working on our first church building or when we were kids working cattle nothing was better than enjoying a cool drink of ice water – it is wonderful – when I poured concrete in Bible college, my boss would say, “Tank up” because we had to stay hydrated – those drinks of cool spring water were so refreshing.

If you can imagine how good it feels to drink down refreshing cool water when you are hot and thirsty then you can get a glimpse of how good it feels to hear some good news from a far country – you can’t look to the news media to provide you much of that – so where are you going to get it?

The greatest way for a Christian to get good news from a far country is to give to missions and read missionary prayer letters – the beauty is that we’re not raising money here – so we can preach with liberty about this tremendous blessing.

I recall Lottie Moon offerings when I was younger but we had no real contact with the missionaries, so we really didn’t get the good news from the far country – we didn’t start supporting our first missionary not until 1989 – after that we took a real interest in them and we read their missionary letters – we liked it so mush we took on more missionaries.

The good news you receive is news about the souls that get saved – about lepers who are now cared for – about Eastern Europeans who are saved and training for the ministry – about farmers in remote areas with no hope of hearing the gospel before the missionary arrived – you couldn’t possibly win souls like that here but you can over there – you’ll hear of churches started, orphans cared for, hundreds of souls coming to the Lord.

This is what Paul did – Acts 14:27.

How do you get this good news?

You must work up a thirst – Seek ye first the Kingdom of God – hunger and thirst for righteousness.

You must take a drink – Prayerfully and financially support missions – keep sending them money (regularly, monthly – Phil 4:16) and they will keep sending you the good news.