Confidence in an Unfaithful Man Prov. 25: 19

Confidence in an Unfaithful Man Prov. 25:19 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This broadcast is about putting confidence in an unfaithful man.  It is our duty as Christians to be faithful – Lk 17:10, 1 Cor 4:2

One of the greatest examples of an unfaithful man is Joab.

  • He killed Abner – 2 Sam 3:18-20, 26-27
  • He killed Absalom – 2 Sam 18:5, 14-15
  • He killed Amasa – 2 Sam 20:8-11

Each time he went completely contrary to the desire of the king and caused him great embarrassment with the deaths of Amasa and Abner and caused him untold heartache with the death of Absalom – he was worse than a broken tooth or a foot out of joint.

Likewise, if we aren’t faithful we will cause trouble for the Lord, as well.

Can the Lord have confidence in you as a faithful man?  Are you faithful?

Be like Paul instead of Joab – in 1 Tim 1:12 Paul said, “he counted me faithful.”

We need to be faithful to:

Read & Pray – He needs to know that he can speak with you out of the scriptures and count on you to intercede like his Son does.

Study – in faithfulness to his command and his words, so that you can guide others out of error and keep yourself out of error – 2 Tim 2:15.

Witness – because he needs you to tell others – Acts 1:8.

Give – because God loveth a cheerful giver and he has lots of things that he needs you to help with – Lk 6:38 says you give and men shall give into your bosom – we usually read that verse to mean that THE LORD will give to you if you give BUT notice that a MAN has to give into your bosom – are you going to be one of those men that is always giving for God?

Assemble – we are to assemble more as we see the day approaching – real confidence booster to others who are just getting started – Heb 7:25.

Help – do your part in the body ministry – bear ye one another’s burdens – are you there just to be carried or are you there to shoulder the load for others – Gal 6?

Don’t be a Joab who was faithful only to his own desires and to David’s only when they lined up with his – you’ll be deadly to the body as a Joab.  Be like Paul.