What You Need Eph. 6:19-24

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Ephesians 6:19-24 What You Need CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

YOU NEED BOLDNESS – Paul said Pray for boldness

    1. You need to be bold
    2. Acts 4:29-31
    3. I Cor 16:9, great door, many adversaries
    4. Lacking today – not bold enough to just lay it out there, smooth talking
    5. I Cor 2:4-5
    6. Not praying for professional quality, but BOLDNESS
    7. Today churches are rest home, civil war, nursery, dance club, cocktail parlor, roller rink, country club
    8. Interested in one thing – getting the  gospel out, I Cor 2:2

YOU NEED TO BE AN AMBASSADOR – I’m an ambassador in bonds

    1. II Cor 5:20
    2. Acts 26:29
    3. You’re free – go tell
    4. You need to be an ambassador

YOU NEED FRIENDS IN THE MINISTRY – I have friends in the ministry (v. 21-22)

    1. You need friends in the ministry
    2. Relied upon faithful brother
    3. Col 4:7-14
    4. Timothy, Titus


    1. You need to love brethren and people you minister to

YOU NEED THE GRACE OF GOD – I ask God to give you grace

    1. If you love Jesus in SINCERITY
    2. You need God’s grace and sincere love of  Jesus

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