Just Let Bitterness Go Eph. 4:31-32

Ephesians 4:31-32 Just Let It Go CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Christians today can be very bitter about some things.  So Paul givesa  great admonition on how to get past all that.  You’ve got to put away some things and that can be mighty tough.  He tells us to put away:


    • Heb 12:15
    • Get bitter at God because of something he did or didn’t do so you backslide, take it out on others, or sin to show Him
    • Then it spreads
    • Job 7:11, Man in trouble with God
    • Rom 3:14, men are full of cursing and bitterness


    • Jas 1:19-20, be slow to wrath
    • Gal 5:20, it’s in the flesh
    • wrath is an enraged feeling expressed vehemently and accompanied by bitterness or condemnation


    • A strong feeling of displeasure
    • May not accompany an outburst like Wrath
    • Many are very angry and don’t express it but rage like a caldron inside
    • Prov 14:17; 22:24


    • The loud and continuous uproar or many human voice,s usually confused
    • Prov 9:13, clamorous woman
    • A simpleton who knows nothing

Evil speaking

    • Ps 41:5
    • Tit 3:1-2
    • Jude 10


    • Uses the first five things above to hurt somebody

Rather than go with these things become:


    • Col 3:12


    • II Ki 22:19
    • Not hard hearted


    • Lk 17:3-4
    • II Cor 2:7

Why?  Because Christ forgave you, and when he did:

He dropped the wrath

    1. I Thes 5:9
    2. Rom 5:9

He dropped the anger

    1. Ps 7:11

He didn’t tell everybody about you

    1. I Jn 1:9
    2. Charity covereth sins

He was kind, tender, and forgiving

    1. Tit 3:4-5
    2. So be the same