Your Work Without

Your Work Without



This passage reveals many valuable truths about your “work without”, your job or occupation. Your work without is a very valuable part of your life, not only because it supplies you an income but it is an example to others.

Verse 27 simply states you should live within your income. Prepare your work without, and make it “fit for thyself” in the field. You ought to live in a rental property until you have grown your income enough to build or purchase a house. You need to prepare your income to meet your wants, not the other way around.

If “house” in the verse doesn’t mean house, then it may mean your household. That would refer to producing a spouse and children. It is very important to establish your income BEFORE you establish a household.

Verses 28-29 are still within the same context of work without. Verse 27 was about work and the field, and Verse 30 picks up with the work in a field. When this was written most everyone was involved in farming. There were no grocery stores or corporations around to employ folks. These verses reveal some truths about dealing with your neighbor in a work environment.

  • Unless there is a good cause or reason don’t get into a controversy with your neighbors at work,[Prov.26:17]
  • If there is a good cause, make sure you tell the complete truth to the boss.
  • Never take vengeance into your own hands [Rom.12:19]
  • God will settle the score

Verses 30-34 show us things that can be learned from viewing someone’s work without.

  • If you don’t make your work without “fit in the field” you are slothful (inactive, lazy, sluggish, or idle)
  • Your work without displays your “understanding” or lack thereof.
  • Allowing the “wall” to be broken down, shows your lack of protection
  • Allowing thorns and nettles to thrive probably is a reflection of what’s on your inside.
  • In this condition the results are poverty and want [Prov.13:18], and just as a traveler is stalked by an armed man

To prepare thy work without, takes submission to God, Trust in His will for your life, and contentment with the provision that He supplies. You do your best, to do your best and God takes care of the rest.