Your Strength Ps 27:1-4

In several places in your Bible, you will find that something specific from the Lord is your strength.  

The salvation of the Lord is your strength – Ps 27:1-4. 

First and foremost, the Lord gives you his strength when you trust him to save you.  The devil will fight to keep you from getting saved.  However, when the Lord saves you, He will keep your soul from the devil and hell and bring you safely to heaven.  Your enemies of the devil, the world and your own flesh will try to keep you from relying upon the Lord’s strength.  So, trust him.

The way of the Lord is your strength – Prov 10:29.

Get cleaned up and set apart for the Lord’s work.  The way you had been going before you trusted Christ was the wrong way.  So, turn around and get going in the Lord’s direction.  He has a call on your life and gives you the strength to do his will.  Just like he gave Jesus the strength to go through death for us.  Paul learned that he could do all things through Christ which strengthened him.

The joy of the Lord is your strength – Neh 8:10.  

Once you are saved, you will find joy in the Lord that surpasses anything the world ever gave.  Nehemiah and the Jews in Jerusalem found that the Lord’s joy strengthened them in their time of mourning after completing the wall around Jerusalem. 

After getting saved you may have a lot of rubbish left over from your prior sinful life and you may get a lot of ridicule for trusting Jesus.  Nevertheless, build a wall of separation from the world to cut off intruders into your relationship with Jesus.  He will give you joy to strengthen your endeavor to live your life for Christ.

The grace of the Lord is your strength – 2 Cor 12:9-10.

The longer you serve the Lord, the more you will need to rely upon him.  Get strong in the grace of God.  You will find that you are not strong enough to live the Christian life to the fullest.  You must rely upon the strength of God’s grace.  The weakness that God allows in your life is there so that you will find his strength.  We are not independent.  Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.

Conclusion:  Trust Jesus Christ today so that the salvation of the Lord will be your strength.  Then go is his way, find his joy and rely upon his grace.  In all of these you will find his supernatural strength.