Your Measure of Faith

Your Measure of Faith

Romans 12:3

God hath dealt to every man the measure of Faith. God has given you enough faith to live the Christian life in a way that it is pleasing to Him and profitable to you, but it is only a “starter kit”. In Luke [17:5-6] the apostles asked the Lord to increase their faith. He explained that a very small amount, a “grain of mustard seed” could accomplish great things. Paul in [Rom.10:17] tells us that faith comes from exposure to the words of God. The more you feed your faith the words of God, the greater it becomes.

In your daily life you use and depend on faith:

  • When you purchase 2% milk at the market, you are exercising your faith in the manufacturer to be providing you with 2% and not 1% or whole milk.
  • When you go to a fast food establishment, you pay long before you receive your food. You are exercising your faith that you will get what you ordered.
  • When you get on an airplane you are exercising your faith that you will end up in the desired location.
  • I have developed some faith in because of my past experience in their billing, returns and reviews.

All of this faith is based on promises and experience, and is risky because it can and will change quickly.


What are you supposed to do with your measure of faith?

Put your confidence in God and His word, rest there and be content.

  • God changes not, [Mal.3:6], [Heb.13:8]
  • Your faith must be based on Truth, [Jn.17:17] It is a never changing truth based on the promises of God, with Him all comes to pass,[Josh.21:43-45]

Believe His words – [Gen.15:1-6], Abraham did.

  • [Gen.18:16-33], the promise
  • [Gen.19:24-28], never saw the results
  • [Gen.22], never stopped believing God, [Heb.11:17-19]

Your Salvation and eternal security – [Eph.2:8-9], Do you have a problem trusting god with this one?

Trust in His Grace – [Ps.37:25-26], He can and will take care of you.

Trust in His will and His way – [Ps.18:30], His way is always the best way!