You Ought To Ex. 20:1-17

The Ten Ought To’s Ex. 20:1-17 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Exodus 20:1-17

Did your parents ever tell you, You ought to do this or that? Did these things appear as commandments to you? Or were they really just wise suggestions? In Exodus 20 God gave us the Ten Commandments, and that is exactly what they are. But all throughout your Bible There are things that God says you “ought to” do. I believe you will agree that they are very good suggestions. Here are Ten Ought To’s.


[Acts 5:29] Obey God rather than man

  • Peter and the Apostles chose to obey God no matter what [Acts 5:40-42]
  • Pray that the day will not come that you will be beaten for the testimony of Jesus Christ
  • [Prov. 29:25] fear of man/snare – trust in God/ safe
[Acts 20:33-35] Give

  • Support the weak not the lazy [2 Thes.3:7-13]
  • [Eph.4:28] work so that you can give to him that needth
[Rom.12:3] Humility

  • [1 Pet. 5:5-6] What the grace of God? Humility is the key.
  • [Gal.6:3] “deceiveth himself” A prideful man fools only himself.
[Rom.15:1-3] Put others first

  • Completely unknown today, a sign of the times [2Tim.3:1-4]
  • [Phil.2:3-4] “things of others” like Christ, verses 5-11
[Eph.6:18-20] Speak boldly – courage

  • [Acts 4:13] “they had been with Jesus” Boldness is a result of fellowship with Jesus
  • [Acts 4:31] Pray for the Spirit of God to give you boldness
[Col.4:3-6] Tell someone what you believe – ability and wisdom

  • [1 Pet.3:15] the reason of the hope that is in you
  • [Prov.22:17-21] answer with the words of truth
  • [Titus 3:9-11] don’t waste time on a heretic, they don’t want the truth
[1Thes.4:1] Have a God Pleasing Walk

  • So that you can abound more and more
  • [Jn.8:29] “I do always those things that please him”
  • [Heb.11:6] Without faith it is impossible to please him
  • [2Cor.5:7] We are to walk by faith and not by sight
[Heb.2:1] Diligence and Commitment

  • [Phil.4:9] things received, heard, and seen – DO!
  • “let them slip” Without diligence and commitment you may backslide [Ps.26:1, 37:31]
[Heb.5:12] Growth

  • God loved you enough to save you just as you are, but wants you to grow.
  • [2Pet.3:18] Grow in grace and knowledge
[James 4:13-16] No Presumptions or boasting

  • [Ps.19:13] Presumptuous sins
  • [2Pet.2:10] Presumptuous self-willed
  • “Lord willing…” puts all in God’s hands.

This is just ten of many ought to’s to be found in your Bible. There are also many ought nots, also. Don’t you believe that if God says you ought to do, or not do something, it is very wise thing?