Why our words matter so much (Part 2)

Why Our Words Matter So Much (Part 2) :

James 3:1-18

In part 1 of this series we saw how important the tongue was and how dangerous our tongue and words can be. In this lesson we are going to look at why our words and actions must match each other and the results of them not matching.

The Example God Gives :

In verses 9-12 the word of God gives us examples regarding the danger of an untamed tongue. Note that he asks, “does a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?” He also asks, “can the fig tree, bear olive berries?”

It is strange how one day we bless and thank God and then later on with the same mouth we curse others and other things. These things both destroy our testimony and also bring shame to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is why James says that these things ought not to be (verse 10).

Whether you like it or not if you are saved you are an example and we should set a good one instead of a bad one. (1 Timothy 4:12)

The Result of an Untamed Tongue : 

Some of the results we have seen already like the fires that are set by the tongue and the destruction that can be left behind. Here we will look at 3 specific results that are found in the passage.

1) It brings forth strife and envying. (Verse 14)

In Proverbs 27:1-6 we see an example of this.

  • In verse 1 we see the tongue boasting of about tomorrow and we are not even promised tomorrow.
  • In verse 2 we see that we should not praise our selves but let someone else praise us.
  • In verses 3-4 we see the dangers of wrath and anger both of these are a result of an untamed tongue.
  • In verse 4 we see that envy affects everyone.
  • In verses 5-6 we see a very valuable truth. It is better to be openly rebuked than to have someone praise you and it be a lie.

If we could just learn to control our tongue there would be a lot less strife and envy and note the result of envying and strife in verse 16.

2) It makes us a hypocrite. (Verse 17)

If our words do not match our actions then we are no better than the Pharisees that Jesus spoke against when he was on earth. (Matthew 23:27-28)

Note also the passage in Luke 6:43-46. Here we see two important things in regards being a hypocrite. Number one is that what we have in the heart whether good or bad is going to come out sooner or later. And number two is that the mouth reveals what is in the heart.

3) It makes us a liar. (Verse 14)

The truth of the matter is if we say one thing and do another we are liars. According to this verse our actions speak louder than words and if our words don’t match our actions we are lying against the truth.

The Results of a Tamed Tongue :      

If one is able to control his tongue then he will see some of the following things in his life.

1) A good conversation. (Verse 13)

In the word of God conversation can mean manner of life or lifestyle (1 Peter 3:1)

2) Wisdom (Verse 13, 17)

This is not going to be worldly or sensual, or devilish wisdom as in verse 15, but it will be Godly wisdom that only comes from above. To note the benefits of this wisdom read      verse 17.

3) Good works and the fruit of righteousness. (Verse 13,18)

It is much easier to do what is right when we are guarding our tongue as we noted in part one our tongue is what gets us into most of our trouble in the first place.


Why Our Words Matter So Much (Part 2) : Handout

James 3:1-18

1) What are the examples that God gives in verse 9-12 to show us that our words should be consistent?


2) Give a verse stating that as saved people we are to be examples.


3) What are the results of an untamed tongue?


4)  What are the results of having your tongue under control?