Without Remedy, Prov 29:1

Without Remedy Prov. 29:1 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Three times in the Bible we find the word “remedy.”  And it’s always used in a negative sense. We find it in Prov 29:1, Prov 6:15 and 2 Chr 36:16. You cross a line with God, destruction and wrath come, but there is no remedy for the consequences of your actions.  A remedy is something that corrects or counteracts.  You cannot stop the calamity.  Notice what’s going on in these three passages.

There Was No Remedy For God’s Wrath Against Jerusalem

In 2 Chr 36:15-16, God sent Nebuchadnezzar to destroy Jerusalem and there was no remedy once Nebuchadnezzar began his destruction.  God poured out his wrath.  Jerusalem had been often reproved. Yet, they hardened their necks against the Lord and met their own destruction.  As Prov 6:14 says, they devised mischief continually.  This is what concerns me about our country.  America has mocked the messengers of God and despised God’s words.  When God pours out his wrath on a country, there is no remedy.  The destruction of Jerusalem under Titus in 70 AD was total [Matt 24:2].  “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God,” Ps 9:17.

There Is No Remedy For The Calamity Against A Naughty Person

In Prov 6:12-15, a naughty person is a wicked person, a mischievous person.  A calamity is a disastrous event marked by great loss and lasting distress and suffering.  A naughty person who “deviseth mischief continually” is going to face a calamity and there will be no remedy when it comes.  For instance, there was no remedy for Judas Iscariot.  There was no remedy for Absalom.  Saul had no remedy.  There was no remedy for Sisera.  There will be no remedy for the Antichrist.  See, you have the idea that when you decide to finally repent, God will just be there for you with open arms to make everything all right between you and him.  You’re wrong.  He might just cut you down in a night when you least expect it.

There Is No Remedy For The Destruction Of A Hard-Hearted Person

In Prov 29:1, there’s a person who has been reproved over and over again.  And he just gets harder and harder.  He’ll be destroyed and there will be nothing anyone can do to remedy the destruction.  Pharaoh is a perfect example of what happens when you harden your heart against God.  The destruction comes suddenly.  The calamity happens in a night.  That’s how long it took for the Persians to destroy Babylon and kill Belshazzar [Dan 5].  Christians are no exception.  God will often reprove you for your disobedience.  If you harden yourself against him, he can destroy you, though your soul will be saved [1 Cor 5:5].


You have no idea when God is going to pull the plug on you and let your calamity come upon you or destroy you.  Some people hear from the Lord over several years or even decades and finally get right with God.  Some folks only hear a few times over a few months or a year or two and then they are destroyed.  The Jews in Jerusalem and Judah heard from numerous prophets that they needed to stop their idolatry and turn back to God.  Even in the ministry of Jeremiah, right up to the end before their destruction, Jeremiah prophesied and God would have forgiven them and withheld his wrath [Jer 17:24-27, 18:11].  But they hardened themselves against him and he destroyed them.

You have been given an opportunity today to hear that calamity, destruction and wrath come upon people who despise God’s words, continue in mischief and harden themselves against reproof.  Don’t do this.  You may be hearing this message as your last chance to get whatever the Lord has been reproving in your life right with him.  If you wait for his wrath to turn, there will be no remedy.