Wise Men Matt 2:1-12

Wise Men Matt. 2:1-12 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The wise men who came to Israel looking for the king of the Jews were men who would have known about the birth of the Messiah from the prophecies of Daniel and from their interest in astrology.  Kings in Babylon and in Egypt were advised by astrologers.  These men had seen Jesus’ star in the east.  This star had been prophesied by Balaam in Num 24:17.

We can learn much from these wise men about what we must do to be wise.  Wise men:

Walk in the Lord’s direction – Matt 2:1 – wise men are always moving toward the Lord.  Wise people always seek the Lord in everything they do.  Anything that comes along and pulls them off course they refuse.

Ask counsel of men who know – Matt 2:2-8 – they don’t bother with men who don’t know.  They don’t want to be led astray.  Men who know will point you to the scriptures, just like the priests answered their question from the prophecy of Micah.  And wise men notice things that confirm the testimony of scripture [the star, Matt 2:9].

Rejoice just being on the right path – Matt 2:10 – they didn’t have to wait until they had seen Jesus to rejoice.  They were rejoicing when they arrived in Bethlehem.  We aren’t in heaven face to face with Jesus, yet.  However, we can rejoice evermore.

Worship the Lord and him only – Matt 2:11 – wise men don’t worship their wisdom [1 Cor 2].  They don’t worship men [Herod].  They don’t worship priests.  They don’t worship signs [the Star].  They don’t worship Mary.  They worship Jesus, and only Jesus [Matt 4:10].

Open their treasures and give him gifts – Matt 2:11 – twice men give their “treasure” as gifts.  Where your treasure is there will your heart be also.

Go out different after meeting Jesus – Matt 4:12 – wise men don’t go out the same way they come in after meeting with Jesus.  You meet with Jesus and you change.  You follow him where he wants you to go.

Conclusion: and if you are lost when you come to Jesus and you get saved, you go out a new creature in Christ.