Wise Hearted, 1 Ki 3:5-12

In 1 Ki 3:5-12, Solomon asked the Lord for understanding and the Lord gave him a wise and an understanding heart.  The Lord can do this because “He is wise in heart”, Job 9:4.  Obviously, Solomon was wise hearted to begin with, to think to ask for understanding.  

Wisdom was important to Solomon.  Like he said in Ecc 10:2, “A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart at his left”.  The right hand is the place of importance.  In Matt 25:33, the Lord set the sheep at his right hand and the goats at his left.  Jesus is on right hand of God.  Ps 98:1 says, “His right hand, and his holy arm, hath gotten him the victory”.  Is 62:8 “The Lord hath sworn by his right hand…”.  The apostles gave Paul and Barnabas the right hands of fellowship, Gal 2:9.

When You Are Wise Hearted:

You are teachable.  Prov 16:23 “The heart of the wise teacheth his mouth, and addeth learning to his lips”.  After God answered Solomon’s prayer request, Solomon had the wisdom to judge.  And all Israel, “feared the king: for they saw that the wisdom of God was in him, to do judgment”, 1 Ki 3:28.  

You are submissive.  You can command the those who are wise.  Prov 10:8 “the wise in heart will receive commandments”.  Though people don’t generally like to be told what to do, you can command people with a wise heart.

You are capable.  You can work with the wise hearted.  In Ex 35:25, 36:1, people needed to have wisdom whether they spun and did all manner of work for the service of the sanctuary or whether they were the king of Israel.  In Ex 28:3, the Lord filled the wise hearted with the spirit of wisdom.  Ex 31:6 says “in the hearts of all that are wise hearted I have put wisdom”.

You are reliable.  You can count on the wise.  As you increase in wisdom, you increase in discernment and judgment.  In Ecc 8:5, “A wise man’s heart discerneth both time and judgment”.

But you are not invincible.  You must keep being wise hearted.  Job 37:24 says of the Lord, “he respecteth not any that are wise of heart”.  When Solomon disobeyed God and married strange wives who turned his heart away from God, the Lord stripped his successor of ten of the twelve tribes of Israel.  God didn’t respect him.