The Wisdom That is From Above, Jas 3:17

The Wisdom That is From Above Jas 3:17 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Our prior broadcast dealt with the earthly, sensual, devilish wisdom of the world.  This wisdom did not descend from above.  Today we are going to look at the wisdom that is from above.  This is godly wisdom.

The wisdom that is from above is:

Pure – this is the first thing about it.  Notice how its purity is contrasted with the earthly, sensual and devilish wisdom.  It’s pure because it comes from the Lord through his word, the HOLY Bible.  It is pure because it is connected with the HOLY Spirit.

Peaceable – so there is no strife, envy, confusion and evil work associated with the wisdom that is from above.  You are at peace with God and you are at peace with others.

Gentle – the Holy Spirit is never pushy with this wisdom.  Earthly wisdom, on the other hand, is “pushed” with intimidation, fear, pride, and guilt.

Easy to be intreated – this is true in two senses.  It is easy to ask for, Jas 1:5; the Lord gives it liberally.  And it is easy to be occupied with.  In other words, there are no lofty spiritual accomplishments required to be able to live by this wisdom.  It is plain and fully understandable.

Full of mercy and good fruits – God understands that there are those of us who sinned before we sought his pure wisdom.  And in his mercy he stills lets us receive his wisdom and benefit by it.  The benefits are full of good fruits in our lives.

Without partiality – anyone can have it.  It is not reserved for a superior class of Christian.  There is no super-spirituality associated with the wisdom that is from above.

Without hypocrisy – your life will match your profession unlike those who are occupied with earthly, sensual and devilish wisdom.  Evil spirits are often involved with earthly wisdom.  And yet those who have it profess that it is from the Lord.  This is the root of their hypocrisy.  Their sins might not be apparent to you, but be sure that the Lord sees them.

Conclusion: The right kind of wisdom is the wisdom that is from above.  If you want that wisdom simply ask the Lord and he will give it to you.  Seek it humbly, prayerfully and faithfully that the Lord may be glorified rather than you.