Wisdom Leads, Prov 8:20

Wisdom Leads Prov. 8:20  CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Wisdom leads “in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment,” [Prov 8:20].  When I read that verse, it strikes me that people who need wisdom often don’t find it because they are not where wisdom leads.  Wisdom leads:

Among the young – Prov 4:1-7, 14-15.  Train children in wisdom.  Build a strong foundation for their lives.  Teach them to stay out of the path of the wicked.  If they do detour later, they will have a strong foundation of wisdom and Bible to which to return.  For the young to be led by wisdom they must stay out of the path of the wicked.  Wisdom can’t lead them if they are on that path.

Among the simple – Prov 8:5, Prov 9:1-4.  Wisdom invites men to forsake the foolish and live [Prov 9:6].  A simple person doesn’t have to stay simple.  Wisdom will lead him away from his foolishness.  So, wisdom leads a simple person to forsake the foolish.  If he won’t, then wisdom can’t lead him.  If he wants to stay simple with television, video games, internet surfing, and so forth, he will never follow wisdom.

Among the wise – Prov 1:5.  A wise man will hear, and will increase learning. See Prov 9:9-10.  This requires the fear of God.  Even wise men must be led by wisdom.  Wisdom leads wise men if they associate with wise men.  If they plan to stay with foolish men, then wisdom can’t lead them.

Among the righteous – Prov 8:20.  Once you are walking in the way of righteousness and in the paths of judgment, you will be where wisdom can lead you.  It is easy to follow wisdom when you are on the right path.  The words are plain and understandable [Prov 8:8-9].  The reason so many don’t get wisdom is that they are not saved or they aren’t right with God.

Not among the scorners – Prov 1:22 scorners hate wisdom.  If they seek it, they can’t find it [Prov 14:6].  Prov 9:7-8 reprove them and they will hate you.  A scorner just doesn’t want wisdom and he will never get it unless he is willing to change.  He is more interested in man’s wisdom than God’s wisdom.

Conclusion: wisdom leads when you are in the right place for wisdom to lead you.  And when you are, follow wisdom.  Get to the place where wisdom can lead you.  And when you get there, stay there.