This Wisdom Descendeth Not From Above, Jas 3:14-16

This Wisdom Descendeth Not From Above Jas 3:14-16 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

There is a wisdom that is prevalent in Christianity today and it has nothing to do with the Lord.  James says that this wisdom descendeth not from above.  Instead it is earthly, sensual and devilish.  Today we are going to look at this counterfeit wisdom.

The wisdom that descendeth not from above is:

Earthly – it is of men [Col 2:8; Mk 7; 1 Cor 2:1, 4-5]; this kind of wisdom comes from the world and is contrary to God [Jas 4:4].  It is dressed up to look spiritual and so it is lofty and enticing.

Sensual – it appeals to the senses [an emotional appeal]; it is experienced in the flesh; it is rooted in lust and so you desire to repeat it like sins of the flesh.

Devilish – it is from Satan and thus is widely accepted as true because of 2 Cor 11:13-15 – it has a ring of truth because of its apparent deep spirituality.

Men who follow this wisdom that descendeth not from above:

Glory in their wisdom – there is a personal pride in what they know and that they know something you don’t.  They may or may not be willing to show it to you.  If they can publish it and sell it in a book and make money off of it they will show you.  But in your close circles they may guard it because it makes them a cut above even the best Christians.  They pride themselves in those who they can get to follow them either because of their ego or because of the money they make from them.

Lie against the truth – a thorough, humble, truthful search of the scriptures reveals their error.  However, they can’t see it.  They have misapplied and wrested scripture to prove their point and reinforce their error [2 Pet 3:16].  It doesn’t hold up to the TRUTH of scripture.

The wisdom that descendeth not from above results in:

Bitter envying – there is an underlying motive of envy in their wisdom to be as great as someone else or to be greater than some others.  And this envy is truly bitter and results in strife.  They often point to the way they were raised in traditional Christianity and now are bitter against it in their new found liberty.

Strife – when confronted by others there is contention resulting from pride in this wisdom.  Often, there are church splits and bickering disagreements.

Confusion – the confusion is twofold.  First, the confusion comes from the fact that this wisdom is contrary to truth and so it constantly has to be modified and explained.  Second, the confusion comes from the inconsistency in the lives of those who espouse it.

Every evil work – sin abounds in this wisdom.  Of course, it is never recognized as sin by those who are having trouble with it.  Their wisdom allows them to redefine sin to exclude their transgressions from God’s list.

And when you see these things you know that you are following the wrong kind of wisdom.  The trouble is not with those who do not agree with you. The trouble is with you.

Conclusion: It is easier for others to see that you are following this earthly, sensual and devilish wisdom than it is for you to see that you are following it.  Acknowledge the truth, repent and turn away from this wisdom that descendeth not from above.