When Will This Stop Hab 1:12-17

When Will This Stop Hab 1:12-17 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Habakkuk here is talking with the Lord about the destruction coming to his people from the enemy.  This is a tremendous passage of scripture dealing with the soul searching questions a man will ask the Lord when he sees the wicked overrunning a righteous nation.  He has to ask about the nature of the Lord to remind himself that the Lord will not forsake his people and he has to ask about his enemy to remind himself that God will use the enemy to correct a nation that has gotten out of line with him.

1st question – Art thou everlasting?  Answer, “Yes” Gen 21:33 – therefore we are going to survive this – see the new covenant Jer 31:31-36 and Mal 3:6.

2nd question [implied] – Why are we being attacked?  For judgment and correction – Deut 28:25 – Jer 25:8-9

3rd question – How can you watch this?  Your nature is not to behold evil because you are of purer eyes than that – true, but Is 36:10; Rom 9:17; Is 45:7 – his eyes do behold the evil, Prov 15:3

4th question – Why are you not stopping them [holdest thy tongue]?  We are more righteous than they, BUT Prov 1:24-33

5th question – Why have you made us like fish and reptiles [no ruler]?  Answer, you are easier to handle as the prey [Jer 16:16] – the enemies are so happy with their catch of the prey that they actually worship their nets [v.11] – 2 Chr 18:16; Eze 34:5-6; Ecc 3:18-21

6th question – When will this stop?  They empty their net so that they can attack again – This will stop, but not till there is a remnant left, Is 1:7-9