What Will Cause a Nation to Forget God?

What Will Cause a Nation to Forget God?

Psalms 9:17

                It’s hard to believe that anyone could forget God! Has our nation forgotten God? What will cause a nation to do this? Could this ever happen to you? I imagine we all forget God more than we would like to admit. Let’s look in the Bible at some things that caused the nation of Israel to forget God.

[Deu.4:5-10]       Don’t teach your children

  • God is out of our government, our schools, and most of our homes
  • My duty Is to teach you [Ps.71.18]
  • Your duty is to teach your children and others [Ps.78:1-7]

[Deu.8:10-11]    Prosperity

  • We only need God when we are needy
  • [Prov.1:32] prosperity is destroying this nation, how is it effecting you?
  • [Prov.15:16] Better is little with the fear of the Lord

[Deu.8:12-17]    Pride

  • Verse 18, it was not your power!
  • Pride’s progression: [1Pet.5:5-6] God Giveth Grace to the humble
    • [Prov.11:2] First, if you pay attention, God will try to shame you out of it
    • [Prov.13:10] Next, if you pay attention, contention comes your way
    • [Prov. 16:18] Finally, he will get your attention with destruction and a fall
    • [Prov.18:12] haughty before destruction & humility before honor

[Deu.8:19]           Idolatry

  • It is ANTHING between you and God
  • [Col.3:5] Covetousness, wow does that fit?


[Isa.51:12-13]     Fear of Man

  • [Prov.29:25] Bringeth a snare, [Prov.21:31] safety is of the Lord
  • You are not surprised at all how fast someone can forget God when they have fear of man


[Hosea 8:14]       Ineffective churches

  • They change the word of God with perverted Bibles
  • They bring the world into the church with music, movies, etc.
  • More and more of “our kind” of churches are doing away with Wednesday night prayer meetings [2 Tim.4:3-4] they will not endure sound doctrine