White Already to Harvest

White Already to Harvest CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Jn 4:37, Jesus had to tell his disciples to lift up their eyes and look on the fields.  They weren’t seeing what he was seeing!  We see hair color, the fashion of clothes, the stature, the complexion, and many other outward things.  The Lord sees souls in fields that are white already to harvest.

When you and I can see fields that are white already to harvest, we’ll:

Reap – Jn 4:36-38 – we’ll enter the fields to gather the fruit – this work will profit those who have sown before us – this work will cause us to rejoice as souls are saved – this work will allow us to receive a reward for our labors.

Sow – Jn 4:37 – we’ll enter the fields to prepare for another harvest – we’ll prepare the way for other reapers who will come behind us – sometimes we are so careful about reaping that we don’t sow!

Finish the work – Jn 4:34 – farmers don’t stop until all the harvest is in – you’ll find them sleeping in their tractors to keep from missing any cutting time – there are many souls still to be saved – we must continue till our work is done.

Conclusion: Finishing this work was God’s will for Jesus and it is his will for us.