Wherefore Remember

Wherefore Remember

Eph. 2:11-12

Paul points out some facts that we should remember. Before you were saved you were an uncircumcised gentile, having no hope and without God in this world. We will learn that by God’s grace he allowed us into his family by Christ Jesus.

Verse 11Remember, in times past (before your salvation). You were a Gentile in the flesh or Uncircumcised, and you got that name from the Circumcision made by hands, or as we know the Jews. God makes it clear that there are only three groups of people in his eyes [1Cor.10:32], Jews, Gentiles, and the Church (in Christ). Uncircumcision – Gentiles, Circumcision made by hands – Jews, and His Church- Circumcision made without hands [Col.2:11] are the three groups.

[Gen.12:1-3] God chose Abraham to start his Jewish group.

[Gen.15:6] Abraham believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness.

[Gen.17:9-14] Circumcision made by hands became the token of a Jew.

Verse 12 – Remember, You were:

  1. without Christ
    • Salvation is of the Jews [Jn.4:22]
    • Jesus was sent only for the lost sheep of the house of Israel [Matt.15:24-28]
    • Jesus sent his disciples only to Jews [Matt.10:5-6]
  2. an alien from the commonwealth of Israel
    • excluded from association with Jews unless circumcised [Gen.17:12-12]
    • You could choose to become a Jew [Ester 8:17]
  3. a stranger from the covenants of promise
    • You had no part in any of the things of God [Rom.9:4]
    • The Oracles of God were by and for Jews [Rom.3:1-2]
  4. having no hope
    • This hope is in the resurrection [Acts 23:6-8]
    • This resurrection is a Jewish one [Eze.37:1-14]
  5. without God in the world
    • Israel was the only nation who had God Almighty as their God [2Sam.7:23]
    • God made sure of it [Deu.13:6-11]

Remember, and never forget just who you were. Thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the gift he has given us by his death, burial, and resurrection. Become who the Lord wants you to be.