Where is Their God, Ps 79:10

Where is Their God Ps. 79:10 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Ps 79:10 Asaph raises the question, “Wherefore should the heathen say, Where is their God?”  The reason for the question is found in Ps 79:1-7: the heathen come into the Lord’s inheritance, they defile the holy temple, they lay Jerusalem on heaps, they slay the saints and leave their carcasses for the fowls and the beasts, they reproach the inhabitants and they devour Jacob and waste his dwelling place.  So, it looks like Israel has no onw to deliver them from their oppressors.

Asaph prays that God will be known among the heathen by the revenging of the blood of the Lord’s servants which is shed.  And that is exactly what happens.  Often the heathen have questioned the existence of the God of the Bible. But when he comes to avenge the blood of his saints they don’t ask anymore; they know.

They didn’t ask after God showed up in Egypt – in Ex 5:2 Pharaoh professed that he didn’t know the Lord.  But by the time the plagues were done and Pharaoh was drowned, all Egypt knew the Lord Ex 14:18, they knew that He had shown up to revenge the blood of his people.

They didn’t ask after God showed up in the wilderness – in Jos 2:9-11 Rahab confessed that after hearing what the Lord had done to the Egyptians in the Red Sea and to Sihon and Og they all knew that He is God in heaven above and in earth beneath.  He wouldn’t let the heathen destroy his people.

They didn’t ask after God showed up in Canaan – in Jos 9:9-10 the Gibeonites confessed that they knew of the name of the Lord not only because of the same things Rahab had said but because of what Joshua had done to Jericho and Ai [Jos 9:3].  They knew that God was there to protect Israel from the heathen.

They didn’t ask after God showed up in Judah – in 2 Chr 32:15-16 the servants of Sennacherib spoke against the Lord questioning his power to stop them.  But Hezekiah prayed that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that thou art the Lord God [2 Ki 19:16-19].  So, the Lord showed up and killed 185,000 elite soldiers [2 Ki 19:35].  Thus he avenged the threat against their blood and the heathen knew where he was.

And they won’t ask after Jesus shows up at the second coming – in Rev 6:9-10 the souls of those who are slain for the word of God and for their testimony ask the Lord how long before he avenges their blood on them that dwell on the earth.  And rather than return immediately to avenge them, he waits until they are down to a remnant and the two witnesses are slain [Rev 11:7-8, 12-13] and until the city of Jerusalem is surrounded and hopelessly besieged [Zeph 3:8].  Then he returns to fight against those nations [Zech 14:1-3] and they never ask again, where is their God.  For they will all know that God is there [Ezek 48:35].

Conclusion: Do you have some people picking on you about where your God is?  Just wait; he’ll shut them up [2 Thes 1:4-10].