When Your Spirit is Overwhelmed, Ps 142:1-7

In Ps 142:3, David wrote, “my spirit was overwhelmed within me.”  In Ps 142:6, he said, “I am brought very low.”  A fair number of good people whom I know are overwhelmed right now.  There seems to be an oppressive spirit attempting to discourage and defeat good men and women.  Here’s what to do when your spirit is overwhelmed:

Keep crying unto the Lord – Ps 142:1-2, 5-7 – when your spirit gets overwhelmed, it is hard to pray to the Lord with the same regularity and fervency that you do when everything in your life seems to be in sync.  You get out of your routine and you end up out of sorts.  When David was overwhelmed he maintained his routine.  He prayed three times each day [Ps 55:4-8, 17].  Daniel maintained his routine of praying three times each day in Dan 6:10.

Pour out your complaint – Ps 142:2 – we think we are supposed to be stronger than to get overwhelmed.  But everyone gets overwhelmed at some point.  We aren’t that strong.  Our strength always comes from God [Ps 71:16].  Notice, our complaint is poured out “before him.”   We aren’t complaining against him like the Jews did in the wilderness.  You should tell God and you can tell someone else “before him.”  David thought no one cared for his soul [Ps 142:4].  However, you will always find that God cares [1 Pet 5:7] and that he has given you someone else who cares.  Barzillai and his companions cared for David in 2 Sam 17:27-29.  When you pour out your complaint, it’s like pouring water out of a pitcher.  You get it out. It’s always easier to deal with “it” when it’s out than when it’s overwhelming your sprit within you.

Remember God is still in charge – Ps 142:3 – David said, “then thou knewest my path.”  God knows where the snares are in the spiritual battle you’re facing.  He is your refuge and portion [Ps 142:5].  Don’t worry, don’t fret, don’t stress, don’t despair, don’t run, and don’t waver.  Just because you are overwhelmed doesn’t mean that God is.  In Ps 142:6, David said, “deliver me, they are stronger than I.”  Indeed, your problems can be stronger than you, but they are never stronger than God.  Go where God is leading you, not where you want to run.  

Praise God among the righteous – Ps 142:7 – too often, when people get overwhelmed, they drop out of church and separate from the brethren.  That’s the wrong thing to do.  Stay among your brethren in church and praise the name of the Lord.  Praising God with your brothers and sisters will lift your spirit.  You will be reminded that there are so many things that God has done and is doing for you right now. 

Conclusion: God shall deal bountifully with you.  He daily loadeth us with benefits [Ps 68:19].  So that despite the fact that something has overwhelmed your spirit, God continues to pour out blessings upon you.  Praising God for these blessings will encourage your spirit.