When The Wicked Beareth Rule, Prov 29:2

Prov 29:2 says, “When the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”  In the recent history of the United States of America, you have not seen how bad it can get when the wicked beareth rule.  But if the day of the Lord’s return is still a long way off, you could very easily see a great deal more wickedness than you have already seen.  I mean, those who have the rule over us have approved the killing of babies by abortion, same-sex marriage, the legal use of formerly illegal drugs, the teaching of evolution and the science of natural processes instead of creation, in public schools, as the only legal explanation for our origin, and so forth.  The Bible says, “Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with thee, which frameth mischief by a law,” [Ps 94:20]?

These are mild examples compared to other decisions the wicked can make and other actions the wicked can take.  You would have to study history to understand that things can get much worse in this country. It happens when the wicked beareth rule.

So, we’ll peruse the Bible to see what the wicked have done in the past and what the Bible prophesies that they will do in the future when they rule.  This will give you an idea what could happen here and what will happen world-wide.  That way you aren’t taken by surprise if and when you see some of what the wicked can do come to pass.  And we’ll be looking at things that go beyond their commonplace lying, abuse of power, theft, corruption, oppression, and so forth.  You see these wherever you see men ruling over others.  When the wicked beareth rule:

They conspire to assassinate rulers – 1 Ki 15:27; 16:9; 2 Ki 9:14; 12:20; 14:19; 15:10; 15:25; 15:30; 21:23 – if someone wants to rule and he has no other way to get to the “throne” he just kills the person in charge, or has this person killed, and takes over.  

They kill political opponents – 2 Ki 11:1 – when Athaliah saw the her son was dead, “she arose and destroyed all the seed royal.”  Athaliah had been the wife of Jehoshaphat.  She was Ahab’s sister.  Jehoshaphat married her when he joined affinity with Ahab [2 Chr 18:1].  When her son, Ahaziah, was killed by Jehu, who had become the new king of Israel, she decided to “reign over the land of Judah,” [2 Ki 11:3].  To facilitate her rise to power, she simply destroyed all the seed royal.  She missed one heir to the throne who was hidden by Ahaziah’s sister, Jehosheba [2 Ki 11:2].  When he turned seven, he was anointed king and Athaliah was killed.  When ruler’s rise to power and don’t want opposition from others who might rise to power in their stead, they often have them killed.  In communism, they’ll “purge the party” to remove opposition so the leader can become a dictator.

They disregard due process and kill the innocent – 1 Ki 21:5-14; Matt 27 – Jezebel had Naboth condemned and killed, along with his sons [2 Ki 9:26], so that her husband, Ahab, could take his vineyard as his own.  Our Savior was killed the same way [Matt 21:37-39].  There are millions over the centuries who have been killed by this means.  They slaughter the innocent, 2 Ki 21:16; 24:3; Jer 2:34; Ps 106:37-38. They shed blood, even the blood of their sons and their daughters.  Those who haven’t been killed are stuck for life in political prisons.  

They demand worship and the worship of their image – Dan 3:1-6; Rev 13:4-5; 14-15 – Nebuchadnezzar did this and the antichrist will do this.  They rule by terror.  All who refuse are killed.  This is what is going on in North Korea.  They must worship the ruling member of the Kim family.  And the same thing could happen here just as easily.

By these means, they completely take over and insert themselves in the place of God.  This is what the antichrist will do.  Those who believe lies, who believe not the truth, who love not the truth, and who have pleasure in unrighteousness will fall for strong delusion [2 Thes 2:10-12].

Conclusion: you may ask, “Well, what can I do?”  You can do three things.  First, you must believe the truth and believe Jesus Christ if you are not already saved.  This way you won’t even be here when the antichrist rises to power.  Second, you must pray for those in authority that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty [1 Tim 2:1-3].  Third, you must preach the gospel to others that they might be saved so that they can escape the coming antichrist, the deceivableness of unrighteousness and the strong delusion that will follow.