What is the Word of God

What is the Word of God?

The word of God should be the most important thing in a saved persons life. It is the words of the Living God. It is everything that God wants us to know about him and about how he would have us live after salvation. Sadly, many saved people never take the time to get to know God’s word and therefore never really have the relationship that God intended for them to have with him. In this lesson we are going to look at some basic truths concerning the word of God and why it should be so important for us today. (It is important to note that when we refer to the word of God or the Bible in this lesson, we are referring to a King James Version.)

How is the Bible laid out?

The word of God is laid out in tow main sections. The Old and the New Testament. The Old Testament consist of 39 books while the New Testament consist of 27 books giving a total of 66 Books. The bible was written over a period of about 1500 years, if Job is the oldest book of the Bible and Ushers chronology is close. The Bible consist of over 20 different authors as well. The books of the Bible have chapter numbers and verse numbers. This helps us with memorizing and finding passages in the word of God greatly. Some Bibles also have the words of Jesus in red ink, which makes them easy to identify. 

What is the Bible?

To many the Bible is just a history book, and to some it is a religious book. The word of God does contain history and it does contain things regarding the subject of religion, but it is so much more than just a history book or a religious book. Below we will list some of the things that is said to be.

1)  The Word of God is True (Psalm 33:4 ; John 17:17)

  • One of the hardest things to find today, especially on the internet, is a true source.
  • The word of God is true, it is right and never will it lead you astray.

2)  The Word of God is Supernatural (1 Peter 1:23)

  • The word of God is alive and has a specific part in our salvation.
  • This is what separates it from all other books, it is not just words on a page.

3)  The Word of God is a Guide (Psalm 119:105)

  • Because it is true and supernatural then it is the perfect guide.
  • It knows our hearts and is a discerner of our thoughts.

4)  The Word of God is not bound (2 Timothy 2:9)

  • We live in a finite world with limits, and boundaries. But the word of God is not bound and there is no limit to what it can accomplish.

*The key to the Word of God first to believe it and then to follow it (1 Thessalonians 2:13).

What is the Word of God?


1)  When we use the term word of God or Bible in this lesson what are we referring to?

2)  Give a brief description of the how the Word of God is laid out.

3)  What are 4 things that the word of God is said to be in this lesson?

   4) What is the key to the word of God?